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Applied AI projects and strategic programs

AI Sweden’s mission is to accelerate AI in industry and society through collaboration across a wide range of partners and across sectors. We focus on the operationalization of AI - making sure that AI methods can be used at scale in critical systems and real-world scenarios, and that AI systems can be developed efficiently and in a principled manner. 

We currently focus on Decentralized AI and Applied Language Technology as our two strategic programs, each with long-term investments and a number of underlying projects and use cases. Our strategic programs serve as platforms for partners from industry, the public sector and academia to collaborate. We have also identified additional strategic areas where we already have a lot of on-going activity and that may be developed into strategic programs as well - reach out if you want to know more or take part.

Strategic Program on Decentralized AI 

Strategic Program on Applied Language Technology

Future Strategic Programs

Contact information

Head of Strategic Initiatives, MSc

Johanna Bergman