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AI Catalyst Network

The AI Catalyst Network is intended for people working hands-on with transformation and strategic AI roadmap work, both from the business and IT sectors. We want the network to be a practical space to share experiences, good and bad, related to the process of integrating AI into an organization.

The group will focus on the strategic elements behind successful AI implementations. The aim is to work with the structural questions that organizations must address for the entire journey to becoming AI mature. 

organization | culture | mindset 

change management | business models | processes | operating models 

eco-system | awareness | competence 

The key concepts of discussion will be organization, culture, mindset, change management, business models, processes, operating models, eco-system, awareness, and competence. Almost everything except data and AI technology itself. These are of course crucial core competencies and capabilities for being able to roll out applied AI, but not the focus of this network.


Do you want to learn more or get involved?

Please reach out to Conny Svensson for more information. 

A Picture of Conny Svensson
Conny Svensson
Director of AI Adoption
+46 (0)70-315 94 98