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Partner management

If you are a partner and would like to come in contact with us, please contact the person most relevant to your organizational category.

Want to join our partner network?

Get in touch to apply to become a partner.

If your organization is already a partner to AI Sweden, reach out to the responsible person for your category below to engage with us. 

Other questions?

Reach out to us at

Main contacts for partner management

Picture of Agneta Jacobson, Head of ecosystem and partner management

Agneta Jacobson

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Partner management: Global tech
+46 (0)70-604 45 00
Picture of Camilla Ulvmyr, Ecosystem and partner manager

Camilla Ulvmyr

Ecosystem & Partner manager: Authorities
+46 (0)73-270 25 89
Picture of Carl Malm, Ecosystem and partner manager

Carl Malm

Ecosystem & Partner manager: Municipalities
+46 (0)73-416 38 95
Picture of Emma Ytterström, ecosystem and partner manager

Emma Ytterström

Ecosystem and Partner manager: Regions
+46 (0)70-181 27 71
A picture of Sara Karlsson

Sara Karlsson

Ecosystem and Partner manager: SMEs
+46 (0)72-406 80 52
Picture of Susanne Fuglsang, Ecosystem and partner manager

Susanne Fuglsang

Ecosystem and Partner manager: Corporate
+46 (0)70-738 99 97
Photo of Viktoria Mattsson, Ecosystem and Partner manager

Viktoria Mattsson

Ecosystem and Partner manager: Universities and research institutes
+46 (0)70-269 00 11
Photo of Alexander Brunner, Partner manager - startups

Alexander Brunner

Partner manager: Startups
+46 (0)70-271 23 83
Picture of Mikael Klintberg

Mikael Klintberg

Partner manager: Consultancies
+46 (0)76-761 44 43