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Infrastructure expert group

This group focuses on building and using large infrastructure for AI. The network consists of public and academic sector partners of AI Sweden.

Infrastructure expert group

The network is a place for experts in the public sector to explore the relatively under-addressed topic of infrastructure geared toward large, multi-user AI centers. It provides an arena to meet, talk together, and reach an understanding of where their respective organizations are in the process of building such infrastructure.

By collaborating with each other, the professionals can discuss their experiences and more effectively serve their organizations. The group may choose to pursue whichever area of interest is most relevant to them and steer the agenda themselves. 

The group focuses on important questions for these organizations and discusses insights and developments in the field. Together the network has identified these focus areas. 

  • Building infrastructure, hardware, and peripherals
  • Safety and security policies, cyber and information security
  • User models and policies for accessing common resources
  • Scheduling, scaling, efficient use of overcapacity
  • User interfaces
  • Studies of usage and user patterns
  • Training and learning within ethics and technologies


  • All partners in AI Sweden can take part in different Special Interest Groups.
  • Stakeholders in the public sector or academia are welcome to join as members of the network.
  • Participants are usually in leadership positions for large computer centers.
  • Industry speakers are invited to present at meetings on a case-by-case basis.

Interested in joining the network?

If you are a partner and are interested in participating in this group, please contact us.

Niclas Fock
Niclas Fock
Senior Advisor
+46 (0)72-224 22 84
A picture of Fredrik Viksten
Fredrik Viksten
Senior Advisor, PhD Eng