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NLU Talent Program

The NLU talent program is designed to attract AI talent in the field of language models and presents an opportunity for partners to increase their skills in Natural Language Understanding.

The first cohort of the NLU Talent Program ended in March 2024 and AI Sweden is currently looking for partners to join a new cohort.

In October 2022, the first cohort of the NLU Talent Program began. We welcomed four graduates from master's programs in language technology and computational science.

The participants are a part of AI Sweden’s Natural Language Understanding team and work at Region Halland and Vinnova, spending nine months at each organization.

"Artificial intelligence provides great potential, but there is a shortage of skilled people. The NLU program constitutes an important initiative for Vinnova as it provides access to AI talent while at the same time making Sweden more attractive and growing the talent pool."

Daniel Rencrantz, Förvaltningsdirektör, Avdelningschef Verksamhetsutveckling och stöd

"With the NLU talent program, we see opportunities to strengthen AI competence in Region Halland. Giving and learning, together!"

Rosita Ahlstedt, Head of Decision support and AI, Region Halland

Recent developments in the field of language models open up completely new applications and business opportunities. However, it is not always straightforward how to best apply these models within an organization. AI Sweden is therefore setting up a talent program specifically for Natural Language Understanding and large-scale language models to increase the competence among partners.

Partner organizations and projects

AI Sweden is the Swedish National Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence, supported by the Swedish government and the public and private sectors across the country. Our mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of Swedish society, Swedish competitiveness, and everyone living in Sweden.

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency, helping to further Sweden's innovation capacity, and contributing to sustainable growth.

Region Halland has the vision to make Halland the best place to live, educate oneself, work, and run a business. Region Halland has the responsibility for health and medical care as well as development and growth in the region. Many of the issues that the region works with affect what it is like to live and work in Halland.

We are already looking ahead to a future cohort of the NLU Talent Program and starting talent programs around other initiatives.

Is your organization interested in participating in an AI Sweden Talent Program? Reach out to Sofia Hedén, Project Manager, so we can learn more about your AI talent needs. 

Are you a candidate looking for a similar opportunity? Sign up at to get notified when applications for AI Sweden’s talent programs open up. 

About the program

The participants rotate between participating organizations in pairs, spending 1-2 days every week at AI Sweden developing their skills, gaining input from the AI Sweden NLU team, and becoming an integrated part of the Swedish AI community. 

Who can host participants at their organization?
Participating organizations need to be partners of AI Sweden and are given the opportunity to identify exciting and relevant AI-related projects that bring value to both the participants and the organization.

What can partners expect?

  • Access to top talent in the field for 12-24 months (depending on the number of organizations)
  • Early access to the latest Swedish language models and expertise in how to apply them
  • Access to AI Sweden’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team
  • Possibility to hire candidates after the program
  • Collaboration and knowledge exchange between participating organizations

What can candidates expect?

  • A collaborative research environment at AI Sweden
  • Working with challenging tasks in different organizations and sectors
  • Working with the best in the field
  • Competitive salary
  • Visibility through AI Sweden
  • A lively schedule of conferences, seminars, etc.

The program is similar to our ongoing talent program Eye for AI, please take a look at some of the material below


Reach out to, or Sofia Hedén and we will be happy to learn more about your AI talent needs. 

Sofia Hedén
Sofia Hedén
Head of Talent Programs
+46 (0)72-174 91 00

Cohort of 2022/2023

Niclas Hertzberg

Niclas Hertzberg

AI Engineer
Anna Lokrantz

Anna Lokrantz

Judit Casademont

Judit Casademont

Kätriin Kukk

Kätriin Kukk