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Master Thesis Program

AI Sweden’s master thesis program invites students to sit at AI Sweden’s offices, use our resources and get support from data scientists and other employees. In previous cohorts we have welcomed students writing their theses with partners including Centiro, RISE, Zenseact, SLU, Recorded Future, Volvo Cars, and AstraZeneca, as well as with AI Sweden. It is a great opportunity for organizations to team up with the future workforce.

Please note: The application period is closed, and the program is up and running

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Drawing upon the valuable insights shared by students and the wealth of experience gained from previous program cycles, we aim to provide support to the new cohort of students in some of the tasks that are well-known for being commonly overlooked. We invite the students to a series of workshops (once a month from February to April) to help them develop their soft skills, such as giving a talk and writing a master thesis. They will be welcomed into our offices for the period of their thesis work and we will offer a quiet space, access to our infrastructure and technical support, not to mention a friendly environment.

Is your organization interested in gaining value and new perspectives from masters students at some of the top universities in Sweden?

How to take part (as a supervisor)

Interest was registered by sending an email with a description of your suggested topic for one or more master theses to and and post it on My.AI under Resources/Master Thesis Proposals during fall 2023.

The description had to include:

  • Name of the project
  • Short description of the topic
  • Your organization
  • Your contact person and email address
  • Preferred student background
  • ​Preferred location

The thesis work began in January 2024. We helped spread the word and recruit the best students for your project.

What can partners expect?
Student-industry collaborations are mutually beneficial. They create opportunities to share new insights and points of view while building competence and expertise on both sides.

Benefit from the knowledge of master students to solve current problems or dig deeper into existing tasks. Boost attractiveness to possible future employees by joining these collaborations. Opportunity to recruit students directly before they graduate.

How to take part (as a student)
Students with an AI-related thesis, could express their interest in the program by sending an application. 

Please note: The application period is closed, and the program is up and running

What can candidates expect?

  • Valuable experience from working with real projects and applying theoretical knowledge.
  • A community where you can benefit from each other’s experiences and challenges in different organizations and sectors.
  • Attend exclusive events, lectures, and other activities.
  • Working with the best in the field across Sweden.

About the program
Students who enter the program work on the topics that matter most to partners and sit at one of our locations. They benefit from events and seminars from AI Sweden experts during the spring focused on growing their soft skills and providing extra support on common struggles, such as the writing process and defining and sticking to the research question that they want to address in their thesis work. Last but not least, they have access to the Data Factory, the Edge Learning Lab and DGX A100, and other resources. 

See examples of previous students' topics on My AI

In spring 2022 the cohort welcomed students from Chalmers and SLU, and partners including Zenseact, SLU, Unibap, Volvo, and AstraZeneca. Some of the dissertations picked up on challenges and created greater awareness within topics such as cyber security, both at partners and AI Sweden.

"This is a great example of a low risk, low effort initiative, where organizations can explore and develop new areas." - Kim Henriksson, Project Manager at AI Sweden’s Edge Lab

For more information, contact

Sofia Hedén
Sofia Hedén
Head of Talent Programs
+46 (0)72-174 91 00