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Training & Learning Reference Group

The Training & Learning Reference Group is a network to strengthen training and learning in the field of applied AI. 

To be able to apply AI and create real-world value, knowledge, and competence is key. This is true on an organizational as well as an individual level. We aim to support our partners in their quest to create and provide quality training in applied AI. 

With support from this reference group, we want to create a space for our partners to share common challenges and learn from each other. The input from the network will give us a basis to stand on and pointers for key areas to focus on.

It will also enable us to use the strength and knowledge within our partner network to distribute and scale already available training programs. We also want to explore new ways of learning using our ongoing partner offerings such as the project portfolio and the Data Factory.

If you have a role in your organization that allows you to work with deploying training and learning initiatives you are particularly welcome to become a member of this reference group.


Interested in joining?

Please contact Raquel Sanchez if you are interested in participating in the reference group.

Raquel Broman
Raquel Broman
Head of Training
+46 (0)76 883 86 74