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The AI Sweden partnership and network

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AI Sweden brings together 120+ partners across the public and private sectors as well as academia and research institutes. We invest together in building tools and resources to accelerate the use of AI in the ecosystem at large and for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and everyone living in Sweden.

At AI Sweden, we collaborate in everything we do and lead the way with speed and boldness. As a partner of AI Sweden, you get access to a large partner network of more than 120 organizations to engage with and connect nationally and across sectors. The cross-collaboration provides a unique, neutral platform for exploring your AI needs - both technical and organizational. As such, AI Sweden acts as a catalyst for organizations that have the ambition to generate sustainable value using AI. Together, we learn from and engage with the best in Sweden and globally, and generate knowledge, tools, and resources that can be shared with many. 

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78% of AI Sweden partners reported an increase in AI readiness last year. 

Source AI Sweden's annual general partner survey, 2022.

Invest together, share with many

At AI Sweden, we do not believe in reinventing the wheel. Instead, we want to build on the existing knowledge and expertise within the partner network and learn from each other. The AI Sweden partnership is an opportunity for partners to deep dive and build hands-on and strategic knowledge, tools, and resources. Partners can then bring new insights with them back home to their own organizations. But also - and most importantly - the knowledge and tools generated will also be used and further developed by other partner organizations. As a result, the value of the initial time and resources invested will be multiplied. That is why we invest together and share with many.

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Agneta Jacobson
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Partner management: Global tech
+46 (0)70-604 45 00