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Hi AI - an introductory course for Ukrainians

AI Sweden and Ni-XNordic are launching an AI Training course for those affected by the war in Ukraine and looking for new opportunities and professional development.

Hi AI - an introductory course for Ukrainians is an online course with the aim to provide Ukrainian students finishing high school or starting university with AI and ML skills and get a diverse perspective on AI and IT field future opportunities.

The course is a mix of lectures and self-studies and can be followed remotely. Participants attend the course free of charge and in addition to providing an education, the course will offer additional networking opportunities. The idea is that it should be possible to combine the course with work or other studies. The course will be carried out in English but with Ukrainian mentors as additional support.

Who can apply?
The target group is people who recently graduated from high school. Hi AI is based on the Young Talent Program and will run for 5-7 weeks. There are no strict requirements to apply, but as the course will dive directly into AI topics, it is preferred that participants have a decent knowledge of mathematics or algorithmic thinking. A basic understanding of programming will also be helpful, especially experience with Python. There will however be some materials to help participants catch up on these topics before the course starts, so participants will have the opportunity to prepare in advance.

Hi, AI - an introductory course for Ukrainians is a pilot course running in 2023.

Co-organizer of the course is Melissa Galiba.


For more information, contact

Niclas Fock
Niclas Fock
Senior Advisor
+46 (0)72-224 22 84