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Our networks provide a platform for partners to arrange activities within their special interest area. The networks are national, with mostly virtual or hybrid meetings. 

Each network is driven by a commitment from the participating individuals, and they decide the goals of the group independently. The networks initiate activities and projects that can be carried out either by the group, some of the partners, or by AI Sweden. 

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Access to co-location sites

One of the cornerstones of AI Sweden is our co-locations, where our team, our partners, and our project members can meet and collaborate. The offices serve as both a project workplace for project...
Executive AI Accelerator

Executive AI

AI Sweden Executive AI is a network for executives at our partners to meet. It allows the participants to discuss opportunities and challenges, share learnings, and form new cross-industry...
Regional forces for AI

Network for the Public Sector

This network consists of public sector partners to AI Sweden. The purpose is to provide a forum for discussions on challenges and opportunities that are specifically relevant to the public sector in...
Infrastructure expert group

Infrastructure expert group

This group focuses on building and using large infrastructure for AI. The network consists of public and academic sector partners of AI Sweden.
Open network for regions and municipalities – in collaboration with SKR

Open network for regions and municipalities – in collaboration with SKR

AI Sweden, together with SKR, has started an open network for anyone working with AI in Sweden’s regions and municipalities.
AI Catalyst Network

AI Catalyst Network

The AI Catalyst Network is intended for people working hands-on with transformation and strategic AI roadmap work, both from the business and IT sectors. We want the network to be a practical space to...
Competence Strategy Forum

Competence Strategy Forum

AI Sweden's Competence Strategy Forum aims to create a collaborative area from which activities are initiated to strengthen competence in AI. The learnings and insights will serve as a basis on which...
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Legal Expert Group

This is the network where legal experts from some of AI Sweden’s partner organizations meet to discuss and share legal questions and challenges connected to Artificial Intelligence.

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