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Industrial Immersion Exchange program

AI Sweden and Dakota State University (DSU) offer the opportunity to gain international and industrial experience in AI and cybersecurity as part of a fully covered summer and academic credit-bearing internship in Sweden and the U.S.

Industrial Immersion Exchange program

AI Sweden and Dakota State University (DSU) will, for the third summer in a row, offer this research exchange program for graduate students from Sweden and the US (MSc and PhD). This is a unique opportunity to get international experience and solve real challenges provided by the industry. Stipend, academic credit, lodging, and airfare are included.

The duration of the program is 10 weeks. Four weeks, starting at the end of May 2024 will be spent at AI Sweden's facilities in Gothenburg. This is followed by four weeks at the  Madison Cyber Labs at DSU. Students are expected to participate fully on-site in both Gothenburg and Madison.

Students eligible for consideration must currently pursue their M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related fields and have an interest in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Applications for the cohort 2024 are now closed.

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AI and cybersecurity challenge 

During the course of the program, participants will be introduced to a challenge around AI and cyber security. Students from Sweden and DSU will work together in teams to create common ground from which the team can develop their future work. Additional information about the specific industrial projects will be provided to candidates who are accepted into the program.

AI Sweden and DSU will facilitate the project with faculty, advisors, mentors, hardware and software tools as well as physical spaces in Sweden and the US for the student teams. The participating organizations will define the industrial challenges and provide support for the teams

“I loved it! It was a fun challenge to dig into federated learning and understand the topic. All the meetings and presentations from the partners really helped.” – Viktor Valadi, Chalmers University of Technology

What can participants expect?

  • International experience from working with interesting challenges in a small team of participants from Sweden and the US
  • A challenge in the field of cybersecurity and AI, defined by an industrial or public sector partner
  • Work in teams with other students
  • Supervision by faculty and professionals from participating organizations
  • Academic course credits can be given
  • A stipend, tickets between Sweden and the US as well as accommodation

What can partners expect?

  • Work with a team comprising US-based and Swedish students, solving real-world AI and cybersecurity challenges defined by your organization, and tailored to fit your organization's specific needs.
  • Gain access to a pool of talented individuals who have already been vetted and selected for their skills and potential.
  • Potential continued research in thesis projects or doctoral studies and/or future recruitment opportunities.
  • Partners are expected to pay a fee covering the costs for the team, and program administration.

Reach out to Sofia Hedén if your organization is interested in hosting Industrial Immersion Exchange program participants.

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