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About AI Innovation of Sweden

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national and neutral initiative that will serve as an engine in the Swedish AI ecosystem. We provide resources, knowledge, data and capabilities that will accelerate applied AI research and innovation. Through collaboration and cross-industry sharing we will ingnite the Swedish eco-system.

During summer 2018, Lindholmen Science Park was assigned the task of conceptualising and building the model for a national centre for AI related research, innovation and education. Following hundreds of individual meetings and discussions within the private sector, public sector and academia, this work resulted in AI Innovation of Sweden, launched in February 2019.

AI Innovation of Sweden is funded by Vinnova, Region Västra Götaland, and more than 40 partners from the industrial and public sectors, research institutions and the academic world. The initiative is officially hosted by Lindholmen Science Park AB.

Based on partnership and collaboration

Today, AI Innovation of Sweden consists of more than 40 partners from industrial and public sectors, research institutions and the academic world, and collaborates with other national AI initiatives.

Companies and organizations who partner with the centre desire access to a collaborative community of researchers and students for their problems, projects and people. Significant benefits and synergies can thereby be derived from sharing existing datasets (open or private). They will also be able to enhance their own data science capabilities.
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Vision & objectives

Long-term vision:
Sweden is a leading nation in the holistic application of AI solutions in industry and society, and internationally recognized from an innovation, ethical and security perspective.

The overall objective for AI Innovation of Sweden is to serve as an engine for the Swedish AI ecosystem that fuels the Swedish economy and attracts leading global expertise who intend on making a significant impact in their field.

AI Innovation of Sweden has the following high-level objectives:

  • Accelerate applied AI research and innovation through collaboration and cross-industry sharing
  • Create a dynamic, world-class environment where access to a large quantity of qualitative, unique and interesting data will attract international academic and industrial researchers, as well as research institutes
  • Provide a hub for applied AI-related projects and generating data for academia, industry and the public sector
  • Stimulate dynamic applied research & innovation activities, facilitating cross-fertilization of AI expertise across a broad range of applications
  • Develop and provide methods and infrastructure for managing and using large quantities of data with strong focus on security, i.e. doing this in a controlled and reliable way
  • Collaborate with, and strengthen, existing and planned Swedish AI ventures and initiatives
  • Attract and help build a critical mass of co-located researchers and innovators
  • Stimulate the mobility of people between academia and industry
  • Increase the number of undergraduate students in the field by facilitating courses and thesis work (e.g. providing datasets for courses or inviting students to participate in projects)
  • Promote responsible use of AI and the development of unbiased tools

In the educational realm, AI Innovation of Sweden will establish partnerships with Swedish universities with the aim of attracting talent to the field of AI. The centre will also strive to make machine learning more appealing and increase of the number of students who choose it (e.g. by providing datasets for courses, inviting students to participate in projects, particularly ones that support master’s theses).

Ethics, impact on society & AI for good

Ethical values, trust, transparency and security are essential aspects when introducing AI solutions in society. AI Innovation of Sweden will be based on European values and ethics that generate trust and confidence, and will engage in discussions with relevant national and international organisations about the ethical and security aspects of AI applications.

A clear set of ethical values for how to develop and use AI is important to attract talent who want their skills to be used for the good of humanity and society. AI Innovation of Sweden will actively participate in national and international discussions, as well as establish forum for questions regarding societal impact.

AI innovation of Sweden also want to generate the effect that politicians and public decision makers better understands AI, how AI could be used to solve societal challenges, how AI will impact society and the responsibility that comes with that.


AI Innovation of Sweden will focus on building resources, knowledge and capabilities that horizontally are of value to partners and the ecosystem. The ambition is to create a unique and effective resource where the combination of an active networking, brokering of collaboration and highly relevant resources and knowledge to make data available will enable its stakeholders to accelerate their work.
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