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About AI Innovation of Sweden

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national center for applied AI research and innovation, with the aim to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish industry and welfare. In collaboration with almost 70 partners, we provide resources, knowledge, data, and capabilities.

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national and neutral initiative, functioning as an engine in the Swedish AI ecosystem. The focus is on accelerating the implementation of AI through sharing knowledge and data, co-location of competences, and collaboration projects, all with a strong emphasis on ethics, transparency, and security.

“Sweden should be the best in the world at using the opportunities presented by digitalisation. AI Innovation of Sweden is an important part of making this a reality" - Anders Ygeman, Minister for Energy and Digitalisation.

Based on partnership and collaboration

AI Innovation of Sweden is funded by VinnovaRegion Västra Götaland, and almost 70 partners from the industrial and public sectors, research institutions, and the academic world. The initiative is officially hosted by Lindholmen Science Park ABRead more about our partners

Creating value for partners

AI Innovation of Sweden partner companies and organizations have joined an inspiring and knowledge focused network, pledging to give their engagement to our common goal. 

To boost and enable collaboration, partners have access to a development and innovation environment where they, together with other partners, researchers, and students, solve problems, collaborate on projects, and share knowledge. 

Partners are also given the opportunism to improve their data science ability by taking part in AI Innovation of Sweden's resources and competences. 


An engine for the Swedish AI ecosystem

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national initiative – answering an insufficiency identified by the Swedish government. Our overall goal is to be a resource for Sweden to fulfill the vision of being a leading nation in the holistic application of AI solutions. With this aim, AI Innovation of Sweden establishes shared resources that will make data and knowledge available in a new and unique way and will strengthen the ecosystem by improving collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the ability to attract talent and leading global expertise. Read more about our background

AI Innovation of Sweden operates all over the country, and by establishing local collaboration nodes, we engage and activate the AI-community regionally and nationally. Read more about our local nodes

Resources, knowledge and capabilities 

We build and identify resources, knowledge, and capabilities of horizontal value to partners and the Swedish AI-ecosystem. Read more about the Data Factory

Competence & knowledge

With the aim to serve as a competence center for best practice, business intelligence, methods and networking, we will regularly arrange and invite its partners to participate in workshops, seminars and conferences. 

The center will also provide counseling and guidance in legislative procedures, laws (e.g. GDPR) and the regulatory landscape related to personal data, data protection, data privacy, intellectual property rights and legal agreements and contracts.

Cornerstones for Swedish AI

Sustainable, ethical values, integrity, transparency, and security are essential aspects when introducing AI solutions in society. Impact on society and building on AI for good are, therefore, cornerstones in strengthening Swedish AI.