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Sector initiatives and applied AI projects

AI generated image showing a hospital setting with high speed capture
Energy power lines sunset
A woman standing by a desk in fromt of her computer

AI Sweden’s sector initiatives are a way for organizations from both the private and public sectors to join forces to tackle some of the major challenges where AI has the potential to be an important part of the solutions.

The digital assistent

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Municipalities & civil society

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AI provides powerful tools for societal change and AI Sweden wants to strategically engage in challenges where no single actor can solve the entire problem. That is why AI Sweden together with its partners is leading three sector initiatives that are central to our society going forward. 

To pave the way for AI as a natural part of the Swedish healthcare system, the 290 municipalities, and the energy system, those three areas have been selected as AI Sweden’s first sector initiatives. During 2023 we started another initiative: a shared digital assistant for the public sector. They serve as platforms where stakeholders can join forces to explore how AI is best used, develop both core technology and specific implementations, and build knowledge around best practices and what needs to be explored further.

Questions about our sector initiatives and projects?


The sector initiative information-driven healthcare supports Swedish healthcare organizations to develop AI solutions. The goal is to offer more information-driven, personalized, and scalable healthcare.

Close-up of holding hands, hospital setting

AI for municipalities and civil society

The mobilization for AI in municipalities and civil society (Kraftsamling för AI i kommuner och civilsamhälle) is a four-year investment and effort together with Vinnova to tailor support and resources for Sweden’s 290 municipalities and many civil society organizations to use AI.


Our initiative around energy focuses on the implementation of AI in energy demand productions, analyzing patterns and optimizing energy production and consumption. This initiative aims to achieve a more sustainable and efficient energy grid.

Energy project
A woman standing by a desk in fromt of her computer

Image: AI-generated via Midjourney

Digital assistant

AI Sweden, in collaboration with partners, is developing a shared digital assistant for the public sector based on AI technology. The objective is to streamline text-based tasks, freeing up time for more meaningful and interpersonal responsibilities.

All ongoing projects

One of the supercomputors in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center


AI Sweden and the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems are together training a new series of large language models (LLMs) for all of the official European languages.
Satellite view

Swedish Space Data Lab 3.0

Space data can be used for weather forecasting, climate monitoring, forestry, and agriculture. The need to analyze, make available, and coordinate data is steadily increasing. The Swedish Space Data...
A picture of a blue and white sail drone at sea monitoring environment automted

Automated environmental monitoring with sailing drones

SLU Aqua Sailor is an unmanned sailing drone used for data collection in research and environmental monitoring. This project aims to explore the possibilities for processing and analyzing data on...
DeployAi logo on a turquoise background


The project DeployAI will build, deploy, and launch a fully operational AI-on-demand platform (AIoDP) promoting trustworthy, ethical, and transparent European AI solutions for use in the industry...
Photo in black and white of trucks on a parking lot seen from above


FormAI explores the use of generative AI coupled with formal verification for developing secure and trustworthy software in the automotive domain.
Photo of a large amounts of text documents laying on a table, seen from above. AI-generated


TrustLLM will develop European large language models (LLMs) on an unprecedented scale, trained on the largest amount of text so far in European AI, covering a range of underrepresented languages, and...
Cars connected as an illustration of federated fleet learning

Federated Fleet Learning

As the focus on policies and regulations concerning data sharing, security and storage intensifies, conventional centralized AI approaches to model training are anticipated to face mounting challenges...
an icon showing a shield with incoming arrow, AI in the center and threat being dissolved into stars

LeakPro: Leakage profiling and risk oversight for machine learning models

Many recent works have highlighted the possibility of extracting data from trained machine-learning models. However, these examples are typically performed under idealistic conditions and it is...
Three young professionals in a meeting

AI for Impact: Call for social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations supporting social entrepreneurship

AI Sweden, with funding from, is running the AI for Impact project, which aims to strengthen Swedish social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations working towards social sustainability...
A leaf forest with grass

AI for a deep green transition

How can AI accelerate a deep green transition? AI Sweden is joining forces with WWF Sweden to explore this question.
A woman standing by a desk in fromt of her computer

A shared digital assistant for the public sector

AI Sweden, in collaboration with partners, is developing a digital assistant for the public sector based on AI technology. The objective is to streamline text-based tasks, freeing up time for more...
An illustrative composition featuring multiple screens arranged in a circular formation, radiating light from the center

Multimodal language model

AI Sweden's language team is taking the next major step by initiating the development of Sweden's first large multimodal language model. The new model is expected, just like GPT-SW3, to become an...
Scrabble tiles tumbling in the air, each spelling out the letters and symbols of GPT-SW3


AI Sweden, together with RISE and WASP WARA Media & Language, have developed a large-scale generative language model for the Nordic languages, primarily Swedish.
Precision forestry project

Precision forestry

The concept of Precision forestry involves the use of high-resolution data to make precise decisions based on data from digital twins of forests at tree level. The goal of the project is to develop a...
Federated Learning In Banking

Federated Learning In Banking

Money laundering poses a significant societal threat as it enables criminals to utilize illicit funds, undermines public trust, and damages the financial system. To combat money laundering...

Interdisciplinary expert pool for NLU

This project aims to establish and test a new form of cross-disciplinary collaboration for accelerating applied AI in the context of AI-driven language technology: The Interdisciplinary Expert Pool...
Digital Forensics Sweden Project

Digital Forensics Sweden

AI Sweden is collaborating with the Digital Forensics Sweden network in order to explore how AI can be used in digital forensics.
GPT-SW3 graphic showing input by public sector, industry, startups and academia

GPT-SW3 validation project

Can a large-scale Swedish generative language model reduce the threshold for using advanced language models to solve text processing tasks across a variety of sectors and use cases?
A satellite seen in space looking down towards earth

SpaceEdge 2

The trend of mega satellite constellations with advanced sensors that produce enormous amounts of data is currently transforming the space industry. The entrance of these constellations will require...

Past projects

An image displaying predicted cloud thickness
The National Space Data Lab 2.0 (SDL2.0) is a collaborative project led by AI Sweden, RISE, Luleå...
An image displaying satellites in space above earth
SpaceEdge is the world’s first open testbed for space app development with the possibility for...
A picture of hands applying white chalk
The Data Readiness Lab provides a collaborative environment and contributes skills, tools...
DataRätt InnoVation (DRIV) projekt
The DataRights Innovation (DRIV) project aimed to create conditions for efficiently and accurately...
Base platform for data processing and analysis project
AI Sweden, Statistics Sweden and Örebro University are creating a base platform for data processing...
AI-satsning för västsvenska små och medelstora företag
This initiative, part of the AI Change Agent West project, has supported 100 SMEs in West Sweden in...
A picture showing a close-up from a meeting room with a computer and hands
The purpose of the Swedish AI Ethics Lab is to provide guidance and support in implementing ethics...
four interested and happy children in a forest setting looking at something on the ground
When using and developing AI solutions, we need to consider children’s rights in order to protect...

AI Sweden is joining the National Library of Sweden and Scaleout Systems for a pilot on federatively...

A picture with long exposure showing lights from cars driving at night in a city scape
The pilot project 'AI-driven mobility' acts as a dedicated component to accelerate the use of AI...
Regulatory Pilot Testbed Project
The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) started Regulatory Pilot Testbed together with...
A group of people sitting by a campfire at night with tents in background
Federated learning is a new way of machine learning with the potential to allow the use of sensitive...
An image showing beautiful snowy mountain tops and a semi frozen lake
Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and our societies need to adapt...
Landscape image of a lake and red Swedish houses
A thoroughly developed base for Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the cornerstones of...
Satellite image taken above Sweden
The objective of the Swedish Space Data Lab is to increase the use of data from space for the...
Picture showing a model of an organ
The SCAPIS AI platform aims to create a secure research environment with access to the relevant...
A picture of a white car with a man loading the trunk with blue boxes
For many AI systems, there is a high demand for good computer vision datasets. There are only a few...
A person sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper
The Media Industry and AI is a pilot project intended to initiate collaboration between media...
One caregiver and a care taker smiling and talking by the bed
An extensive amount of medical text data is produced in Swedish healthcare, dental care, and the...
a light coloured car pictured from above driving through a forest
There are lots of different stakeholders on the roads. Many of them are collecting huge amounts of...
flying birds, a high cliff by the sea and in the background a red wooden house
Guillemots return to the same ledge on Stora Karlsö, outside Gotland every spring, to lay eggs and...
A satellite approaching the viewer, captured from an aerial perspective, with a backdrop of blue sky and clouds below
One of the largest challenges when it comes to space data analysis is cloud occlusion, which means...
People around a table working with their computers
During November 2020 AI Sweden and AstraZeneca challenged the AI community to solve the problem of...
Language Models for Swedish Authorities project
The project develops large-scale language models for the Swedish public sector, enabling a number of...
Impact Innovation: Prevention 360
Prevention 360 is a prestudy by AI Sweden together with Nollvision Cancer, Informationsdriven Vård...
A tranquil scene capturing a close-up of a serene lake and mountain view, with a dog peacefully lying on a wooden dock in the foreground
The SuperLim project forms a Swedish version of the English benchmarking platform (Super)GLUE. The...

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