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Road Data Lab

There are lots of different stakeholders on the roads. Many of them are collecting huge amounts of data for various purposes, such as autonomous driving, maps and navigation, public transportation timetables, infrastructure maintenance and planning, etc.

a light coloured car pictured from above driving through a forest


There are many potential benefits and opportunities for innovation if data from different sources are combined and made available to others, e.g. more accurate road maintenance planning, better understanding of traffic flows, improved safety, etc. 

However, integrating and merging data from different stakeholders is tedious and time consuming - sometimes with legal obstacles as well.


The project goal is to provide a platform that support contribution and integration of data from various sources. The aim is to work on such integration, by establishing a collaboration platform, providing a technical infrastructure enabling innovation and learning, legal baseline supporting various licenses. It will also serve as a knowledge foundation for how to work with the different data sources related to roads.

The Data Factory at AI Sweden will in this project provide an infrastructure where data can be combined, analyzed and stored, including knowledge about data modelling. 


Project partners: Zenseact (formerly Zenuity), AI SwedenRISELund University and Chalmers Industriteknik

Reference Group: Volvo Technology ABAsta ZeroSAFERLunds kommun, and Trafikverket. The project is funded by Vinnova. The project is coordinated by RISE.

Project period: 201911-202111


A picture of Thomas Olsson
Thomas Olsson
Project Manager
+46 10 228 43 85
Beatrice Comoli
Beatrice Comoli
Administrative Lead Data Factory
+46 (0)70-146 09 64