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AI for decision makers

AI will change the world that your organization operates in, whether you are in the private or public sector. But for AI to also be a tool for your organization to create value and solve challenges there are active decisions that you have to make. As a decision-maker, you have to understand artificial intelligence. Not the technical details, but what AI can do.

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It does not matter if you work in the public or private sector, or in our government leading Sweden on a national level. Artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities. Adopting AI requires making strategic decisions. Make sure that the right stakeholders are involved. Prioritize between use cases. Build partnerships with the best out there. Allocate substantial and appropriate resources. Create an environment for organizational learning.

AI Sweden has a lot of resources to aid in this process, depending on where you and your organization are today.

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An AI strategy for Sweden

Sweden needs to maximize the value of using artificial intelligence. To accelerate this development, AI Sweden has now formulated an AI strategy for Sweden.

As a decision maker you do not have to strive for deep technical knowledge about artificial intelligence. But you need to understand what AI can do so that you can have an understanding of how the technology affects your organization – both as a force that transforms the reality your organization exists in but more importantly how AI can be used as a tool within your organization.

Make sure to check out the executive program “AI for executives” which is intended for non-technical decision makers who want to develop their understanding of how to strategically implement AI in their organization. The program is developed by the executive education units at Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Gothenburg University, in collaboration with AI Sweden.

You can also listen to our podcast AI Sweden podcast and take the self-paced, free course “Get started with AI”, and then continue with “Level up”. 

For inspiration on what others do with the help of AI, do not miss out on exploring the use case library at My AI.

For organizations to truly adopt AI, it is necessary to change ways of working, processes, and structures. This makes it a question for decision-makers and top levels of every organization. To embark on this transformative journey, organizations can use a step-by-step approach that focuses on key enablers —Technology, Data & Infrastructure, Organization, Ecosystem, and Expertise. By doing so, organizations can generate sustainable value using AI. Read more about how to adopt AI and accelerate your organization's AI maturity here.

To scale and move forward you need to understand where your organization stands today. Doing an AI maturity assessment is one way to understand the current state of your organization’s AI maturity and gives you a clear idea of where to go next. 

Having an AI vision is another way to approach AI strategically. The AI Vision White Paper is a tool that helps organizations put an AI vision in place.

For partners to AI Sweden, there are talent programs you can join. Some run over a few weeks, others are 1,5 years. This way, we address various partner needs and at the same time boost talent with relevant knowledge.

But recruiting is not the only way of course. There are also resources for upskilling that you can check out.

Explore the use case library at MyAI. But do not only look at what others in your sector do with AI. Since artificial intelligence is a general technology, we find that many organizations can learn from each other as they share the same challenges - do not hesitate to find inspiration outside of your sector as well.

AI Sweden also has sector-specific networks that might be of interest to you. Once you are a partner, get in touch with your key contact to get more information.

First, read more about the partnership. Second, find your sector contact and get in touch for further discussions.

Just as for any other organization - AI will be key for a well-functioning government. Read more about the organizational perspective here
But perhaps even more important, AI is a key component for fulfilling almost every societal goal in a country. As a political decision maker, you will be making priorities for an entire sector or an entire country. Understanding the strategic dimension of AI, financial and political priorities, and developing sound policy will be a pillar for any politician who wants to be relevant in our world today. Get in touch with Mikael Ljungblom, Director of Public Policy and International Relations at AI Sweden if you have questions.

Screenshot from SVT Forum feat. Martin Svensson and Mikael Ljungblom speaking

Listen to AI Sweden's Martin Svensson, Managing Director, and Mikael Ljungblom, Director of Public Policy and International Relations, as they speak during the Transportation Committee's open hearing on AI. The clip is in Swedish.

Skip to 00:18:10 for Martin and to 01:32:30 for Mikael.

AI for executives

AI for Executives

Take control of the strategic AI journey in your organization today! AI for Executives is a six-day program designed for leaders, senior executives, developed by the executive education units at...
Stockholm location

Talent programs

The increase in AI applications is leading to a fast rise in demand for AI experts. The business community routinely identifies the shortage of AI skills as the top challenge to their planned...

RESOURCE: AI Business Checklist for CEOs

This AI business checklist is a tool that provides an easy-to-use structure for strategic discussions, goal setting, and critical decisions in your leadership team. 

This paper holds a structure you can use as a business leader to guide your decisions toward getting full value from AI technology in your organization. It is meant as a tool that you can return to guide your progress.

You can use the AI business checklist to have strategic discussions around AI with your leadership or management team.

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Conny Svensson
Director of AI Adoption
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Director of Public Policy & International Relations
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