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Transforming Sweden’s energy system to be fossil-free and more resilient will take a lot of effort. To better understand what transformation is needed and what is possible, decision-makers need in-depth insights into both electricity production and electricity consumption. This is what AI Sweden’s energy initiative is about. The first step is an interactive simulation of the Swedish energy system.

The future demands for electricity in Sweden are going to be huge. Our base industries are striving to get fossil-free, even in very energy-intensive areas like steel production. At the same time, new energy-demanding production is also on its way, such as battery production. In addition, the automotive industry is moving fast towards electricity instead of petrol and diesel.

In this transformation, AI and data play a crucial role. By sharing data between shareholders, be it producers, consumers, or anything in between, it’s possible to build models to understand future energy needs as well as production. In a resilient electricity grid, AI will also be a key technology to plan, distribute, and balance the system at both local and national levels. 

Right now, AI Sweden together with partners is building an interactive simulation of the Swedish energy system. This tool will visualize the production and consumption of electricity, today and in the future

An image of a dashboard displaying a zoomed in map of Mid-south Sweden and energy metrics

Thanks to the interactive visualization, news insights about the Swedish energy system will be made possible. Experimenting with variables such as electrification of different sectors and energy consumption the user can explore different scenarios.

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