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AI Labs

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AI Labs serves as a dynamic platform and leading infrastructure enabling the rapid development of bold innovations in AI. Designed to facilitate cross-organizational collaboration, it brings together diverse partners from industry, the public sector, and academia. Our focus is on developing innovative methods and technical solutions to effectively operationalize AI, a crucial step in driving Sweden's progress and enhancing its position in the global innovation landscape.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of AI Sweden, and getting access to the partner benefits, including the Labs, please feel free to reach out.

The objective of AI Labs is to push the boundaries in the field of applied artificial intelligence. Achieving this requires a robust blend of pioneering research and development conducted in high-impact laboratories, coupled with the latest infrastructure provided by our Data Factory. Our environment allows our partner organizations to explore new working methods and develop cutting-edge models, fostering bold innovation. Partners collaborating in our labs build knowledge, expertise, models, and tools and apply these to their use cases. This approach also enables them to progress rapidly in their development.

As a notable achievement, our efforts have resulted in the creation of the first large-scale language model for Swedish and Nordic languages, GPT-SW3, as well as the Edge Learning Lab, where privacy-preserving technology is developed by world leaders in academia and industry.



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Research opportunities

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Data Factory

AI Sweden’s Data Factory is one component in driving innovation and implementing artificial intelligence in Sweden. It is an infrastructure and knowledge environment where partners from all sectors can use state-of-the-art infrastructure and benefit from collaboration and interaction with AI Sweden’s technical, strategic, and legal experts.

Explore our labs

Edge Learning Lab

Edge Learning Lab

Edge Learning Lab is a unique environment that enables professionals and students from our partners to explore the possibilities and limitations of decentralized and edge learning.
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Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) will be key for making the most of AI and enables tasks as wide ranging as using voice assistants at home to a reliable automatization of certain social services...
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AI Security

As part of AI Sweden’s Edge Learning Consortium, and together with Dakota State University, the AI Security focus aims to provide developers and users of Edge Learning Infrastructure the understanding...
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AI in Space

Edge learning has the potential to revolutionize the development of AI for space applications, and AI Sweden’s focus in this area is exploring technologies that can be used for high-impact use cases.

For more information, contact

Beatrice Comoli
Beatrice Comoli
Administrative Lead Data Factory
+46 (0)70-146 09 64
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Amelia Högberg
Project administrator & Event manager NLU team
+46 (0)70-431 92 38