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Get started with AI (online course)

Welcome to Get Started with AI! This is a free online course that aims to educate on some fundamental and important aspects of AI. If you are a complete beginner, this is a good place to start. 

Get started with AI

Why do I need to learn about AI?

AI has come to play an important role in our lives, both professionally and personally. Since the use of AI is expected to grow and continue to influence society, it is important to increase knowledge and understanding of the subject. 

We see more and more organizations from the public sector beginning their AI journey; some have already tried a smaller AI project while others have begun thinking of ways AI could help solve a specific problem.

The course is free of charge!

Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in how AI could bring value to their organization.




You need a device and internet connection. Since some parts of the course contain audio and video you also might need headphones.

Course Leader

This course is held by Peter Kurzwelly from AI Sweden. All presentations are created by Peter.

For more information, contact

Raquel Broman
Raquel Broman
Head of Training
+46 (0)76 883 86 74