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Creating value with AI

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We stand at the beginning of a transformative shift, where artificial intelligence will soon be used throughout all of society. Decision-makers in both the public and private sectors have a responsibility to understand AI so that the technology can be used to build a stronger welfare system and strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.

AI is a very powerful technology that will be able to help us optimize and make everyday tasks much more efficient. But it also brings completely new possibilities and opportunities to create value for Swedish businesses and the public sector. As a first step, and irrespective of which sector you operate in, all decision makers have a responsibility to build knowledge around the potential of AI and take steps to use it strategically.

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An AI strategy for Sweden

Sweden needs to maximize the value of using artificial intelligence. To accelerate this development, AI Sweden has now formulated an AI strategy for Sweden.

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We've got a lot of useful tips and resources for learning and upskilling. If your organization is already a partner in AI Sweden, reach out to take the next steps on your AI journey! Not a partner yet? Explore more opportunities below.

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Putting AI to use requires leadership. This is the focus of AI Sweden’s AI Adoption-team.

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