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In 2021,  AI Sweden launched the Edge Learning Lab together with industrial partners. A year later, the lab has gained significant international attention and AI Sweden is now forming a consortium with participation from international academic and industrial heavyweights to accelerate the technological development and application of edge learning globally.

The consortium builds upon the Edge Learning Lab at AI Sweden, a unique testbed with state-of-the-art hardware and software, with new shared public and private resources designed to enable users to explore and learn about edge learning and pioneer new research questions.

The consortium provides a platform and context for leading developers, data scientists, students, and researchers from several sectors including mobility, health, space, and cyber security to work together with infrastructure developers to explore edge learning. It will pioneer new research into questions such as:

  • What training and inference techniques are best suited for decentralized machine learning?
  • What architecture, topology, components, and compute plans should be chosen for a given application?
  • What frameworks, tools, and methods facilitate the development of the edge learning system?
  • What security concerns can be anticipated in an edge learning system, and how can these be mitigated?

Get involved

The consortium is open to AI Sweden partners. Get involved by contacting Beatrice Comoli. 

The Consortium is seeking participants in these areas: 

  • Application experts in space, mobility, security, and health.
  • Infrastructure expertise in storage and compute for AI training and edge systems.
  • ​Researchers in machine learning, computer systems, systems architecture, communications, and IT security.

For more information, contact

Beatrice Comoli
Beatrice Comoli
Administrative Lead Data Factory
+46 (0)70-146 09 64
Edge Learning Lab

Edge Learning Lab

Edge Learning Lab is a unique environment that enables professionals and students from our partners to explore the possibilities and limitations of decentralized and edge learning.

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