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AI Compass

The AI Compass will be your guide on the AI journey. It's a new tool that will help Swedish organizations approach AI and AI adoption in a systematic way and is now available in its first prototype stage.

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AI is a broad field with the potential to drive significant benefits across Swedish organizations. Harnessing its power, however, requires expertise across a diversity of areas and the adoption of a structured and systematic approach. Enter the AI Compass. Developed as a part of Kraftsamling för AI i kommuner och civilsamhälle it is a digital guide that bridges various tools, learning materials, methodologies, and templates to help you and your organization navigate your journey towards leveraging the opportunities that AI brings.

At the moment, there is a first public prototype available where the focus is on resources for the Beginner and Explorer maturity levels. During this phase, user feedback and interaction via MyAI accounts are encouraged for ongoing improvement.

The primary objective of the AI Compass is to assist organizations, and indirectly individuals, in boosting their AI maturity. A higher level of AI maturity allows businesses to reap richer benefits from AI, creating scalable and sustainable value. The AI Compass is primarily designed based on where your organization stands on the maturity ladder, ensuring that we offer the most relevant support and content at each stage.

Each step comes packed with tools, resources, and educational materials to tackle the challenges expected at that level and to drive action toward advancing to the next stage. The goal is always development and progression up the ladder.

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Conny Svensson
Director of AI Adoption
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