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Information-driven healthcare

This strategic initiative supports Swedish healthcare organizations in developing AI solutions. The goal is to offer more information-driven, personalized, and scalable healthcare. It occurs in a close partnership between public, private, and academic healthcare parties.

Vision & how to get there

To meet important challenges in the health area, Vinnova supports five vision-driven innovation milieus. Information-driven healthcare is one of these. The program runs from 2019 to 2024. The vision is that Sweden will offer information-driven, personalized, and scalable healthcare through AI application.


Identify barriers and enablers for integration and national implementation of information-driven healthcare


Exploring how privacy-preserving AI and data-driven insights can support current healthcare practices


Evaluate ethical and legal implications and find pathways to successful implementation of information-driven healthcare

Increasing health data creates opportunities to address the challenges through more information-driven healthcare. The data gives us information and insights that can be leveraged for behavioral changes and patient benefits. By applying AI we can, among other things, get help with:

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Prioritisation of interventions
  • Evidence-based guidelines --> Monitor implementation at a population level
  • Prediction of healthcare events of interest
  • Prevention, care optimization

Collaboration is key

The core partners collaborate with a regional reference group with representatives from all of the country's 21 regions. As a project partner, you contribute to the AI solutions of the future, at the same time as gaining access to them.

Although we have previously focused on information-driven healthcare in our research, the start-up of the innovation milieu gave us a real boost through increased collaboration and networking with regions and companies in Sweden.

A picture of Petra Svedberg

Petra Svedberg

Project partner, Halmstad University

We also have a network open to AI strategists in all 21 public healthcare regions: the Region Reference Group for Information-Driven Healthcare (Regionreferensgruppen för Informationsdriven Vård). There, you can follow the results of our projects, share experiences from your initiatives, and exchange valuable insights.

Learn more with this handbook

Are you wondering how to best use AI, overcome legal challenges, and become data-driven? AI Sweden and its partners have released a handbook for you!  A condensed digital course version of the handbook is also available for free (In Swedish only). Learn more

En handbok för informationsdriven vård
A screenshot from My AI showcasing a lot of use cases within healthcare

Learn from others

Explore My AI for diverse healthcare use cases, from lung cancer detection to sepsis prevention and patient safety innovations. Dive into a wealth of ongoing initiatives for valuable learning experiences.

How can I engage?

Join our AI community, MyAI, a crowdsourced online platform that is open to all and free of charge. You can use it to learn about AI by reading articles,  use cases, and reports, networking with AI developers, calling for collaboration, and hiring staff.

Not yet a partner, Does this sound like something for your organization? Learn more about how to become a partner

Reach out to us to see how we can support you!

Lorna Bartram
Lorna Bartram
AI Transformation Strategist - Healthcare
+46 (0)70-635 71 01
Nina Lahti
Nina Lahti
AI Transformation Strategist - Healthcare
+46 (0)70-085 69 76

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