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Stay up to speed with the latest news and updates on what happens within AI Sweden and in our projects.

A photo montage background image of earth seen from space with an image of Chiara Ceccobello, project manager AI Sweden Space in the foreground. Text 'Our first AI model in space'

AI Sweden Launches Models into Space

AI Sweden and our partners have taken a groundbreaking step in the realm of AI for space: For the first time, models developed in the Swedish Space Data Lab are now in orbit.
A collage animated gif with text 'Unity Health Toronto visits Sweden'

AI in Healthcare Gets a Boost from Canada-Sweden Knowledge Exchange

Unity Health Toronto has effectively harnessed AI in its hospitals by maintaining a clear vision for value creation, meticulously planning for deployment from the prototype stage, and integrating...
Ongoing conference/lecture

Over 100 executives gather to discuss the strategic importance of AI

Today, June 19, more than 100 executives from the private and public sectors gathered to share insights and best practices for implementing AI. These executives are currently participating in or have...
A group of young AI talents all wearing AI Sweden caps

Students and non-profit organizations collaborate to harness AI for social good

Last week, AI Sweden launched its new talent program, part of the project AI for Impact. Over the next ten weeks, 15 students will collaborate with five non-profit organizations to develop innovative...
Ongoing workshop showing Astrid Sjögren presenting in front of team Östgötatrafiken

Renewed AI maturity assessment strengthens Östgötatrafiken's strategic development

Östgötatrafiken recently conducted its second AI maturity assessment in collaboration with AI Sweden, and it became clear that several steps forward have been taken since the first assessment. AI...
Picture and a text 'From the Young Talent Program to the Baltic Sea

Edge Models Provide Researchers with New Insight into Marine Ecosystems

Analysis of large datasets aboard a sailing drone off the coast of Gotland is giving marine ecologists real-time insights into the happenings of the Baltic Sea. – Thanks to edge models, we don’t have...
Johan Östman and Fazeleh Hoseini, Research engineers at AI Sweden

When will an AI Model Reveal your Sensitive Data?

AI models can leak training data–this is known. However, such leakage has mainly been observed in lab-like conditions that often favor the attacker. Today, there are few answers on what the risks look...
Image from the AI Sweden Edge Lab with a text: New from AI Labs - AI Labs Special Lectures

Introducing AI Labs Special Lectures

In AI Sweden’s international network you find some of the world’s leading AI experts. Now, they are ready to start sharing their expertise with AI Sweden’s partner network. They represent expertise...

Join AI Sweden For the Master Thesis Conference 2024

On June 10th, all student projects from our Master Thesis Talent Program will be showcased. The presentations will cover topics such as cloud removal from satellite images, advanced chatbots for...
A picture of Magnus Sahlgren and text: New from NLU: RoBERTa, Tyr, Translation model, Adaption of Meta's Llama 3

Four New Language Models Showcase AI Sweden’s New NLU Strategy

AI Sweden is proud to announce the release of four new language models. These advancements mark a significant step in AI Sweden’s new strategic journey in Natural Language Understanding, which...
Swedish nature, forest and a river

AI Sweden’s partner network now extends to more than 130 organizations

We welcome Akavia, Centigo, Halmstad municipality, Katrineholm municipality and Stakater as new partners to AI Sweden. The partner network now extends to more than 130 partners from academia, the...
A picture showing Gina Johannison working on her laptop

AI Assistant Training for Swedish Public Sector Underway

Employees in three municipalities are now engaged in training an AI-driven assistant for the public sector. The project is led by AI Sweden, the national center for applied artificial intelligence in...
One of the supercomputors in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

AI Sweden and Fraunhofer IAIS to Develop Language Models for All of Europe

AI Sweden, in collaboration with Germany's Fraunhofer IAIS, has gained access to one of Europe's most powerful supercomputers to train language models for all EU languages. The EuroLingua-GPT project...
an image of earth seen from space

The Latest Advancements in Decentralized Learning

How to maximize the impact of AI in the short term? In his keynote at AI Sweden’s event The Latest Advancements in Decentralized Learning, Dr. Bryan Reimer, Founder and Co-Director of the Advanced...
An image showing the AI Sweden partner ecosystem

AI Sweden’s partner network continues to grow

We welcome Swedac, Trafikverket, InooLabs intric and Manomotion as new partners of AI Sweden. With their addition, AI Sweden’s partner network continues to grow with organizations spanning academia...

Introducing the new cohort for Eye for AI

The talent program, Eye for AI - Graduate Program for Future Leaders in AI, is back with a new cohort! This time around, we welcome four talents, both national and international, who will be...
Landcsape view of Swedish nature and water

AI Sweden launches an AI strategy for Sweden

Using AI is necessary for solving key societal challenges, staying competitive, and in general preserving and developing a democratic society with a high quality of life. The objective of An AI...
A wide forest landscape at dusk and a yellow AI Sweden logo

The Impact report 2023 is here

Last year in figures and stories | This year, we celebrate five years of accelerating the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden. We've...
An image displaying a lighthouse and next to it logotypes for IBM and AI Sweden

IBM joins AI Sweden

IBM is joining AI Sweden’s partner network. Together with over 120 partners from both the public and private sectors as well as academia, the mission is to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden for the...
Landscape image of a river and green and orange trees

The AI Sweden network is growing

We welcome Stena, Red Hat, Skolverket, Familjens Jurist, SSF Service, Lidingö Stad, Swedish Defence University, and Carbonzero as new partners of AI Sweden. With their addition, AI Sweden’s partner...
An image of a dashboard displaying a zoomed in map of Mid-south Sweden and energy metrics

Shared data describes the Swedish electrical system in a new way

What will Sweden's future energy system look like? Where will electricity be produced? Where will it be used, and when? The answers to these questions are what Behovskartan ('The needs map') aims to...
Riksdagshuset, Stockholm

Swedish Government establishes new AI commission

The Swedish government has announced an AI Commission, focusing on a pivotal question: How can artificial intelligence bolster Swedish welfare and competitiveness? Among its members is Martin Svensson...
A picture showing a man with a microphone presenting in front of a big screen

Significant new initiatives to propel Sweden's AI development

AI Sweden and its partners are launching two groundbreaking AI initiatives that will be pivotal for Sweden's competitive edge and the ability to deliver high-quality societal services. These...
Blurry image from a hospital staff in blue scrubs

AI Sweden partners with Unity Health Toronto for healthcare advancements

AI has become a crucial technology within the healthcare industry, demonstrating its impact notably at Unity Health Toronto's hospitals in Canada. As one example, more than 20 percent fewer patients...