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Stay up to speed with the latest news and updates on what happens within AI Sweden and in our projects.

An image displaying a lighthouse and next to it logotypes for IBM and AI Sweden

IBM joins AI Sweden

IBM is joining AI Sweden’s partner network. Together with over 120 partners from both the public and private sectors as well as academia, the mission is to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden for the...
Landscape image of a river and green and orange trees

The AI Sweden network is growing

We welcome Stena, Red Hat, Skolverket, Familjens Jurist, SSF Service, Lidingö Stad, Swedish Defence University, and Carbonzero as new partners of AI Sweden. With their addition, AI Sweden’s partner...
An image of a dashboard displaying a zoomed in map of Mid-south Sweden and energy metrics

Shared data describes the Swedish electrical system in a new way

What will Sweden's future energy system look like? Where will electricity be produced? Where will it be used, and when? The answers to these questions are what Behovskartan ('The needs map') aims to...
Riksdagshuset, Stockholm

Swedish Government establishes new AI commission

The Swedish government has announced an AI Commission, focusing on a pivotal question: How can artificial intelligence bolster Swedish welfare and competitiveness? Among its members is Martin Svensson...
A picture showing a man with a microphone presenting in front of a big screen

Significant new initiatives to propel Sweden's AI development

AI Sweden and its partners are launching two groundbreaking AI initiatives that will be pivotal for Sweden's competitive edge and the ability to deliver high-quality societal services. These...
Blurry image from a hospital staff in blue scrubs

AI Sweden partners with Unity Health Toronto for healthcare advancements

AI has become a crucial technology within the healthcare industry, demonstrating its impact notably at Unity Health Toronto's hospitals in Canada. As one example, more than 20 percent fewer patients...
Scrabble tiles tumbling in the air, each spelling out the letters and symbols of GPT-SW3

Open release of the first large Nordic language model GPT-SW3

AI Sweden now releases the first large Nordic language model, GPT-SW3. It is available as an open model for businesses and organizations to use in their products and services. The model provides...
Edge Lab in the Gothenburg office

Strengthening the infrastructure and expanding opportunities at AI Sweden’s Data Factory

Since its establishment, the equipment that’s an important part of AI Sweden’s Data Factory has been located in Gothenburg. The team is now planning to place hardware at other nodes as well.
Group picture of all the Young Talents of 2023/2024

Let AI Sweden’s Young Talents accelerate your AI journey

In August, AI Sweden's Young Talent program 2023/2024 hit the ground running. The 14 participants are now a month into their training at AI Sweden. In January, they are ready to take on project work...
Landscape image from bird-eye-view of a big lake and green grass

Three new members elected to the steering committee for AI Sweden

Lars Stugemo, Linda Leopold and Patrik André have been elected as new members of the steering committee by the Partner Forum.
A group of six attendees standing together by a large TV screen displaying participants joining via an online meeting

AI Council develops recommendations for accelerated AI development in Swedish municipalities

Representatives from 12 of the country's municipalities have come together to present a series of recommendations for initiatives aimed at enhancing the ability of Swedish municipalities to utilize...
a screenshot showing a conversation

Validating generative text models for real-world use cases

Over the summer, Västra Götalandsregionen (VGR), Chalmers, Microsoft and Zenseact joined forces in AI Sweden's GPT Summer Internship Program and hosted eight graduate students. Over a period of ten...
 A photograph taken at a conference with a dark color palette

Over 150 leaders at Future of Democracy Summit

On the 29-30 of May, the third edition of Future of Democracy Summit was held in Gothenburg. More than 150 leaders and decision-makers from academia, industry, media, public sector and civil society...
A nature photograph showcasing a scenic view of a forest nestled among mountains

Welcoming 13 new partners to the AI Sweden network

We welcome Amazon Web Services, City of Stockholm, EdAider, Fictive Reality, Högskolan Väst, Kungliga Biblioteket, Natur & Kultur, Neko Health, Repli5, SICSAI, Silo AI, The Swedish Law and Informatics...
Group picture of representatives from AI Sweden and the partnering universities

AI Sweden joins forces with three Swedish universities and launches AI course for executives

AI for Executives is a six-day program designed for leaders and senior executives, developed by the executive education units at Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Gothenburg University, in...
An illustrative representation featuring logos that highlight the diverse landscape of AI startups in Sweden

18 new startups join the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

The Swedish AI Startup Landscape has been updated and we are now welcoming 18 new startups!
A conference stage scene with multiple speakers presenting, set against a blue background

AI Sweden’s participation in the EU-US Trade and Technology Council meeting

Daniel Gillblad, Co-Director Scientific Vision at AI Sweden, joined U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager and others to discuss transatlantic trade and generative...
 A meeting room occupied by a group of individuals engaged in a discussion or meeting

Putting AI on the map with the AI Maturity Assessment

What are the ways to leverage AI for advancing your organization, and how can you determine the best starting point? This is where AI Sweden’s AI Maturity Assessment comes in, a process that helps...
Empty chairs arranged in an auditorium

AI Sweden Nomination Committee appointed

An illustrative map showcasing the presence of AI Sweden and a Canadian flag

New host organizations in the North and South Nodes of AI Sweden

AI Sweden welcomes two new host organizations for its North and South Nodes: LTU Business in the North and Innovation Skåne in the South.
A screenshot showing the start page of the 2022 AI Sweden Impact report startpage

Last year in numbers and stories

AI Sweden is now publishing its first ever Impact Report to showcase the impact of our joint initiatives together with partners during 2022.
a screenshot

Let's enable innovation that makes a difference​​ - Sweden Innovation Days 2023

AI Sweden is a partner of Sweden Innovation Days - a free digital conference to showcase Sweden as a country of innovation. In 2023, the focus is on how to enable innovation that has a significant...
An image depicting a female scientist performing laboratory work

AI Sweden collaborates with healthcare leaders to drive Impact Innovation for Strategic Health Programmes

AI Sweden is collaborating with Nollvision Cancer, Informationsdriven Vård, Prevention Barnfetma and Fokus Patient on a prestudy called Impact Innovation: Prevention 360. The national innovation...
Scrabble tiles cascading from above against a dark background

Pre-release of GPT-SW3

AI Sweden together with RISE and WASP WARA Media & Language are building the first truly large-scale generative language model for the Nordic languages and primarily Swedish. We are now inviting...