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Welcoming 13 new partners to the AI Sweden network

Monday, June 12, 2023

We welcome Amazon Web Services, City of Stockholm, EdAider, Fictive Reality, Högskolan Väst, Kungliga Biblioteket, Natur & Kultur, Neko Health, Repli5, SICSAI, Silo AI, The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute - Stockholm University and Öresundskraft as new partners to AI Sweden. The partner network now extends to more than 110 partners from academia, the public sector, and industry.

A nature photograph showcasing a scenic view of a forest nestled among mountains

AI Sweden is happy to welcome 13 new partners from different sectors working with AI applications ranging from natural language processing to addressing climate change challenges and enhancing operational efficiency. 

“Over the last months, we have - not surprisingly - noticed a tremendous interest in how to use AI to generate sustainable value within organizations. We are therefore very happy to welcome so many new and ambitious partners from a wide range of sectors to our partner network!” says Agneta Jacobson, Head of Ecosystem & Partner management at AI Sweden. 

New partners:
Amazon Web Services
City of Stockholm
Fictive Reality
Högskolan Väst
Kungliga Biblioteket
Natur & Kultur
Neko Health
Silo AI
The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute - Stockholm University

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