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AI Sweden - Guidelines


AI Sweden, the Swedish national center for applied artificial intelligence, has the mission to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden. 

AI Sweden is built on extensive collaboration and exists together with and for its partners. Taking part in the AI ecosystem through AI Sweden requires collaboration with integrity, objectivity, and confidentiality where necessary.

These guidelines lay the foundation for collaboration at AI Sweden and have been developed with the intention of providing guidance on how to ensure good quality, transparency and trust in the activities. By following these guidelines we hope to contribute to building an ecosystem where everyone feels safe and thrive together.


The guidelines are applicable for all interaction, collaboration, communication and activities directly related to AI Sweden and should be followed by all AI Sweden partners (including its employees, interns, trainees, clients, or invited visitors by said partner) and the core team of AI Sweden (including interns, trainees, students or consultants). 

The Guidelines

The Guidelines are based on the principles of the UN Global Compact and consist of the following points

1. Our collaborative environment is characterized by encouragement and respect between AI Sweden’s and partners’ team members, interns, consultants, researchers, students and other engaged competencies.

2. We strive towards sharing knowledge and other results generated from our activities as openly as possible.

3. All engaged individuals shall have the freedom of association.

4. All work carried out in relation to any activity or collaboration project at AI Sweden shall be conducted with respect to reasonable working conditions.

5. Our activities are conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, with respect for integrity, privacy, transparency and safety.

6. Our activities are conducted with respect for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

7. No discrimination, harassment, bullying or retaliation is tolerated.

8. We work against corruption in all forms, and possible conflicts of interest should be openly declared.


Anyone engaged in AI Sweden can turn to a contact person at AI Sweden to report if they suspect violations of these Guidelines or violations of the law. Anyone asked to stop certain behavior in violation of these Guidelines by any member of AI Sweden is expected to comply with such a request immediately.