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Legal Expert Group

This is the network where legal experts from some of AI Sweden’s partner organizations meet to discuss and share legal questions and challenges connected to Artificial Intelligence.

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About us

Legal Expert Group is a network that consists of legal experts from some of our many partner organizations that meet to discuss and share legal questions and challenges connected to AI.

The purpose of the network is:

  1. Knowledge sharing: Share knowledge and learnings, by strengthening the knowledge within AI and Law.
  2. Networking opportunities: Creating a space where legal experts can meet each other and create valuable contacts.
  3. Professional developments: Stay informed and learn about focus areas within AI that are interesting to the network and together enhance individual skills in the ever-evolving legal landscape.


The network holds meetings a few times yearly, by invitation from AI Sweden. All participants in the network can suggest topics and questions to be discussed at upcoming meetings. The participants are also free to decide which meetings they want to participate in depending on the topic. 


Each partner can have one representative participating in the network as a starting point. If that representative can not attend or if another legal expert within their organisation might be more interested in a certain topic, it is possible to invite that colleague to attend a meeting instead.

Interested in joining the network?

All partners to AI Sweden are welcome to have a representative who is a legal expert.

You can join the network by contacting the persons managing the network as listed below. You can also ask your main point of contact at AI Sweden and they will guide you to the right contact.

For more information, contact

A picture of Ebba Josefson Lindqvist
Ebba Josefson Lindqvist
International Relations Manager
+46 (0)73-254 29 03
A picture of a woman called Tilde Skånvik
Tilde Skånvik
Legal counsel l Compliance officer
+46 (0)703 08 87 90