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Eye for AI - Graduate Program for Future Leaders in AI

The Eye for AI program is uniquely designed to attract high-performing AI talent with a Master’s or Doctor’s degree and 0-3 years of work experience, typically in the fields of data management, data science and machine learning.

Open for new partners

“The Eye for AI program gave us access to top AI talents that we would've had a hard time finding ourselves," - Cecilia Hahn Berg, Life Science Strategist, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

In short

Eye for AI attracts international top AI talent and future leaders to the Swedish ecosystem. The program is 12-24 months long, depending on participating organizations, and the candidates spend 6 months at each participating organization as well as one day a week at AI Sweden to become a part of the Swedish AI community. The first cohort started working with partners in 2021 and the participants’ contributions have been very valuable.

Experiences from Eye for AI

Listen to former participant Sandra Carrasco and Martin Svensson from AI Sweden, and Cecilia Hahn Berg from Sahlgrenska University Hospital share their experiences from the Eye for AI program.

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Testimonials from organizations hosting the cohort of 2021, AstraZenecaSahlgrenska University Hospital and Zenseact.

“We want to bring the best talent to our R&D strategic centers, including Gothenburg. The Eye for AI program is a unique opportunity to attract the best early in their careers,” says Nina Mian, Head of Data Science Learning & Development in Data Sciences and AI at AstraZeneca

“By participating in Eye for AI, we can work with talents who bring international perspectives and ideas, while supporting them in their own development and building a career here in Sweden,” says Mats Nordlund, Director of research and special projects at Zenseact.

"The participants in the program do a lot of valuable work for us at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and at the same time, they bring us closer to AI Sweden’s other resources. Doing this together with other AI Sweden partners strengthens us as our differences build a program that is even more attractive to talent worldwide," says Magnus Kjellberg at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Read the full interview.


We are now open for applications from organizations that want to host the next cohort!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sofia Hedén, Head of Talent Programs.

Program overview

Each cohort consists of 4-8 AI talents, working at the participating organizations in pairs. One of the unique core elements is that the talents rotate and spend 6 months at each of the participating organizations, for a total of 12-24 months. This enables cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer with each rotation, both for the talents and the participating organizations. 

Each week, the talents will spend one day at AI Sweden in addition to the time with the participating partner organizations. This allows them to build their AI skills and feed back new expertise to partners while becoming an integrated part of the Swedish AI community. The talents will work on exciting projects at each participating organization that fit the talents’ profiles and add value to the organization. 

By identifying exciting and relevant AI-related projects that bring value to both the talent and the organization, participating organizations will get access to highly in-demand, international AI talent.

Partner commitment

AI Sweden is now ready to start new cohorts of the Eye for AI program, and are currently looking for partners that want to participate, several locations are possible. 

In order to lower the threshold for partners to join the program, AI Sweden takes care of the marketing effort of the program, the screening of the applications and the first rounds of interviews with the qualified candidates. AI Sweden will also arrange housing, Swedish language courses, employment contracts and any VISA applications. 

The investment is maximum 75 000 SEK per month per talent and covers the monthly salary for the talents, housing, project management of the program, promotion of the program, PR activities,candidate screening & interviewing, candidate & partner support, welcoming week, and insurance.

The invaluable part of the program is getting access to a highly in-demand group of international AI talents.

Reach out to Sofia Hedén, Head of Talent Programs, and we will be happy to learn more about your AI talent needs. 

The investment covers the following

Monthly salary for talents✓
Housing for candidates✓
Project management of program✓
Creating management of program✓
Creating marketing material/videos✓
Marketing activities & costs for paid social media✓
PR activities✓
Candidate screening & interviewing✓
Candidate & partner support✓
Welcoming week when talents arrive✓


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For more information, contact

Sofia Hedén
Sofia Hedén
Head of Talent Programs
+46 (0)72-174 91 00