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Open network for regions and municipalities – in collaboration with SKR

AI Sweden, together with SKR, has started an open network for anyone working with AI in Sweden’s regions and municipalities.

The goal of this network is to increase collaboration in applying AI in the public sector.

The network provides a forum where we identify resources, needs, and obstacles in driving AI development. It supports all municipalities and regions on their journey toward an AI-mature organization. It complements the Regional Forces and Network for municipalities initiatives that are for partner organisations only.

Who can join? Anyone driving AI development in a region or municipality. You might be working with digitalisation, IT, domain-specific development, AI coordination or in an AI project, or similar.

Meetings: The network meets 4 times per year and the meetings include learning, inspiration and collaboration. Meetings are open and free of charge.


For more information, contact

Rebecka Lönnroth
Rebecka Lönnroth
Head of AI Adoption Public Sector
+46(0)729 651 080