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Courses and competence building

Research continues to report that the shortage of AI skills in organizations has a significantly negative effect on how organizations use AI to create competitive advantages.  

While both private and governmental organizations are increasingly coming to understand the impact of AI and are benefiting from its application, there is still a huge need to learn more both horizontally and vertically.

Here are pieces of training to help build your and your organization’s competence and skills within AI.

Whether you are a practitioner, data scientist, business specialist, or the CxO of your organization, there are courses and training opportunities available for you to learn even more about AI. On this site, you are able to find some of them. 

Our ambition is to grow this portfolio continuously and as a result, we welcome you to check this page regularly or get updates direct to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter. 

Organizations can also contribute with pieces of training by sharing them on My AI

Featured courses

Below you are able to find courses offered by AI Sweden and some of our partners.

Get started with AI

Get started with AI (online course)

Welcome to Get Started with AI! This is a free online course that aims to educate on some fundamental and important aspects of AI. If you are a complete beginner, this is a good place to start.
An empty conference room

AI for Boards

AI for Executives is launching a one-day course aimed at you as a board member to understand how your role is affected by the acceleration of AI adoption.
AI for executives

AI for Executives

Take control of the strategic AI journey in your organization today! AI for Executives is a six-day program designed for leaders, senior executives, developed by the executive education units at...
AI för offentlig sektor

AI for the public sector

This film series is designed for individuals serving as decision-makers in the public sector who have an interest in AI. Upon completion of the training, you will possess knowledge about the key...
Deep dive sessions for data scientists

Deep-dive sessions for data scientists

Join our deep-dive sessions for data scientists! The deep-dive sessions are intended for experienced data scientists or similar functions that are implementing and applying AI in their work. The...
AI – Yrkeskunnande, Omdöme och Ansvar

AI – professional skills, judgment and responsibility

The course AI – Professional Skills, Judgment, and Responsibility provides you with better opportunities to operate in an environment where AI and digitalization are becoming increasingly important...

Explore more via AI Competence for Sweden
​In addition to the courses we've listed above, take the opportunity to also explore many of Sweden’s University and College courses in AI, as part of the initiative AI competence for Sweden. 

Even more on My AI
There are plenty of courses, seminars, use cases, and more on My AI

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