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An AI Strategy for Sweden

On March 20, 2024, AI Sweden presented an AI strategy for Sweden. This strategy is intended to serve as a fundamental analysis and strategic framework for decision-makers across all sectors.

An AI Strategy for Sweden has been written to guide politicians, business leaders, decision-makers, civil servants, or changemakers with ambition and responsibility to lead and develop Sweden, the Swedish ecosystem, or individual organizations and companies towards a positive future through one of the most transformative times in history.

Listen to the podcast episode (in Swedish):

Watch the press conference from 20 March 2024 (in Swedish):

How the strategy can be formulated as concrete investments and plans will vary, depending on the role the organization plays in the ecosystem, the sector it operates in, how far it has already progressed in AI adoption, and other fundamental conditions. The strategy thus also becomes a valuable tool for AI Sweden going forward.


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Press Coverage: Highlights from the launch

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AI Sweden is able to support politicians, business leaders, decision-makers, civil servants, or changemakers to better understand how they best take action and provide the necessary leadership for their own organizations and Sweden as a whole.

Do you have questions about the strategy or want to implement it in your organization? Reach out to:

A picture of Mikael Ljungblom
Mikael Ljungblom
Director of Public Policy & International Relations
+46 (0)70-799 68 63
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Martin Svensson
Managing Director
+46 (0)73-025 52 99