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Swedish Government establishes new AI commission

Thursday, December 14, 2023

The Swedish government has announced an AI Commission, focusing on a pivotal question: How can artificial intelligence bolster Swedish welfare and competitiveness? Among its members is Martin Svensson, the Managing Director of AI Sweden.

Martin Svensson welcomes the government's initiative, appreciating the diverse span of representatives from academia, the private sector, and the public sector. "It's vital that the government takes this meaningful step – and with broad representation," he says.

During the announcement of the AI Commission on December 8 by Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, Minister of Public Administration Erik Slottner, and Commission Chair Carl-Henric Svanberg, a key message was highlighted:

Sweden needs to do more than it is currently doing. Ulf Kristersson emphasized the need to fully use AI's opportunities while managing its risks to unlock its full potential.

Riksdagshuset, Stockholm

Foto: Melker Dahlstrand, Sveriges riksdag

Martin Svensson, leading AI Sweden since its start in 2019, agrees. 

"It’ is obvious to us at AI Sweden that artificial intelligence is central to both Swedish competitiveness and society at large. Success in this area requires two things: clear national leadership and national investments," says Martin Svensson, and continues:

"Countries in the AI forefront, like the USA, UK, Canada, and Singapore, have set up similar commissions. These commissions have been instrumental in understanding how AI can create value and the path to get there. National investments are often discussed, and they will be crucial for Sweden to rapidly adopt AI, use it to solve societal challenges, and enhance competitiveness. However, leadership at all levels is equally important. The AI Commission will be a vital tool for the government to develop its share of the leadership needed."

Since its inception, AI Sweden's mission has been to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden, benefiting both competitiveness and welfare. The partner network now includes over 120 organizations, including municipalities, governmental agencies, and private sector entities ranging from Swedish startups to large international corporations, and academic institutions.

By working with our partners, we have built a lot of knowledge on what value AI can create, how to do that, and what's needed to succeed. By bringing that knowledge to the commission, I hope it will create value for Sweden at large.

Picture of Martin Svensson

Martin Svensson 
Managing Director AI Sweden

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For further details, you can read the government's press release

The Commission's directive, titled: "Enhanced AI Capability in Sweden"


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