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Putting AI on the map with the AI Maturity Assessment

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

What are the ways to leverage AI for advancing your organization, and how can you determine the best starting point? This is where AI Sweden’s AI Maturity Assessment comes in, a process that helps organizations evaluate their current AI capabilities and identify actions for advancing their AI maturity. We’ve talked to the Swedish Police Authority about their experience with the assessment for the Swedish National Forensics Centre (NFC).

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As AI technology continues to rapidly advance, it's become increasingly important for the Swedish Police Authority to keep up with the development and take on the responsibility that comes with it. The Police Authority became partners of AI Sweden in November 2022, and decided to start their partnership with  NFC participating in the AI Maturity Assessment process facilitated by AI Sweden.

We see that we have a journey to make when it comes to AI. Everything that the Police and NFC do is to benefit society, and if we can use AI to develop and streamline the organization, it’s only a win-win for everyone” says Anders Åström, business developer at NFC.

The AI Maturity Assessment process

The Assessment helps partners understand which strategically important areas need to be strengthened to work with AI successfully and systematically.

Evaluating one's AI maturity is important for the digital transformation journey of public organizations. Through the AI Maturity Assessment process, the organization gains a better understanding and coordination of its strengths and areas for development within AI, and receives a concrete plan for increasing its AI maturity. This leads to better decisions and resource utilization, and ultimately to faster AI development, resulting in improved public services for citizens” says Jonatan Permert, AI Transformation Strategist at AI Sweden.

The assessment process consisted of an evaluation survey and a  workshop focused on interpreting the results in the context of NFC and guiding participants on how to approach and incorporate AI technology within their organization.

Doing the maturity assessment was a great start for us into our AI-development journey. It provided us with a great overview of how the knowledge of AI is in our organization, as well as spreading the knowledge about the need for AI” Anders says.

Work ahead

NFC recently completed the assessment and is now exploring how to proceed and integrate the technology into other areas of their organization.

It’s clear that the general understanding of AI needs to be increased. We are looking at starting up some pilot projects with a focus on understanding how we can use AI when we analyze our statistics” Anders says.

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NFC has a lot of knowledge and experience that they hope they can contribute to the community. For example, their AI system Alfa can process data from surveillance cameras, as well as share better practices and challenges they meet on the way. They are also part of AI Sweden's Governmental agency network, where they share experiences with different actors in the public sector.

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