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Validating generative text models for real-world use cases

Friday, August 18, 2023

Over the summer, Västra Götalandsregionen (VGR), Chalmers, Microsoft and Zenseact joined forces in AI Sweden's GPT Summer Internship Program and hosted eight graduate students. Over a period of ten weeks, these students worked on exploring the power of Large Language Models to improve partners’ real-world use cases.

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"It has helped us accelerate our evaluation on where and how we can deploy large-scale language models within healthcare", says Isak Barbopoulos, ML-specialist at VGR's AI Competence Center at Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Kompetenscentrum AI).

For VGR, the number of possible applications of AI is many. At Kompetenscentrum AI, Isak Barbopoulos and his colleagues work closely together with physicians and other healthcare professionals to understand where and how AI can be applied within healthcare. VGR needs to understand how Large Language Models (LLMs) can help with many different tasks, both for medical staff as well as patients.

"LLMs for triaging is one thing we want to explore. Could we use language models to help narrow down possible diagnoses by transcribing a phone call in real-time, search for different symptoms, match them against a list of diagnoses, and suggest follow-up questions to ask the patient", says Isak Barbopoulos.

With the help of the summer internship program, VGR has been able to advance four such use case ideas over the summer.

"This gives us a good foundation for our continued work during the autumn. We have a better understanding of possible technical solutions, regulatory questions we need to address, etc. Getting involved in the internship program has definitely helped us accelerate," says Isak Barbopoulos.

More summer programs to come

The GPT Summer Internship Program is the third of its kind that AI Sweden coordinates. The first one, the Industrial Immersion Exchange in Cyber Security was started in 2022 and got a sequel this year that took place in parallel with the GPT program.

"We see that this is a way to really accelerate the use of AI in Swedish organizations, where the students help the participating organizations to quickly understand how AI can be applied", says Mats Nordlund, Head of Data Factory at AI Sweden, and continues:

"One of the key takeaways from the GPT program this year is that the LLMs are much further along than many organizations expected, both in terms of technical performance and how easy it is to use them as a base for developing customized applications."

Together with colleagues at AI Sweden, Mats Nordlund is already planning for the summer of 2024:

"We expect to run programs like this next year as well. And Dakota State University, our partner for the Industrial Immersion Exchange in Cyber security, have already indicated their desire to double their engagement in the program."

Facts: The Pilot GPT Summer Internship Program 2023

  • Participants: Västra Götalandsregionen, Chalmers, Zenseact, and Microsoft, where Microsoft provided access to Azure OpenAI environment, models, tools, and more, as well as technical support. 

  • Nine students were distributed over three teams 

  • Use cases ranging from: Improving industrial software development, Enhancing academic education, and Identifying and Demonstrating Opportunities in health care.

Interested in the results from the program and learning more? 
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