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The project DeployAI will build, deploy, and launch a fully operational AI-on-demand platform (AIoDP) promoting trustworthy, ethical, and transparent European AI solutions for use in the industry, mainly for SMEs, and in the public sector. AI Sweden's role is to experiment with and to validate services for Large Language Models.

About the project

The primary goal of DeployAI is to build, deploy, and launch a fully operational AI-On-Demand platform (AIoDP) promoting trustworthy, ethical, and transparent European AI solutions for use in the industry and in the public sector. To realize this ambitious objective, DeployAI will enact a multi-faceted activity plan entailing distinct yet interconnected strands that fulfill technology-centric, innovation-centric, and ecosystem-centric objectives, to ensure that the AIoDP is offering state-of-the-art services addressing the needs of different stakeholders across Europe. 

Making use of the insights and results of the preparatory Pre-PAI project and the AI4Europe core platform, as well as other actions under the AI-on-Demand ecosystem, DeployAI puts them under an all-encompassing concept for a successful, sustainable, and impactful European AIoDP, able to serve as the reference for any user, a one-stop-shop for readily usable and easy to integrate AI tools, and an enabler and motivator for the European AI Innovation Ecosystem. 

The concept defines a layered organization of the foreseen activities, themselves designed to cover all aspects requested by the call and entailed in the primary objective. The technology layer is responsible for covering all technical aspects of the platform, with specific emphasis given to the interoperability aspect, where the proper mechanisms will be put in place to communicate with external resources. 

Given the technical maturity of the platform, business, and ecosystem aspects will be handled in the short term via the organization of the relevant communication mechanisms, the extension of the relevant networks, and the organization of focused Open Calls, and in the long term via the founding of a dedicated business entity that will manage and operate the platform. 

A screenshot showing the DeployAI - project concept


Funding: EU Digital Europe, 28 M€

Project period: 2024-2027


  • AALTO University, Finland
  • Aspect Partners, Germany
  • European Centre for medium-range Weather Forecast, United Kingdom
  • Convotis Services, Austria
  • Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A (OTE), Greece
  • Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association, Croatia
  • National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Greece
  • EIT Digital, Belgium
  • DIMECC, Finland
  • F6S Network, Ireland
  • Bruno Kessler Institute, Italy
  • FIWARE Foundation, Germany
  • German AI Association, Germany
  • Hub France IA, France
  • IONOS SE, Germany
  • LIGHT ON, France
  • LuxProvide SA, Luxembourg
  • Science For You (SciFY), Greece
  • Silo AI, Finland
  • AI Sweden, Sweden
  • VDE – Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, Germany
  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), Greece
  • CSC- IT Center for Science, Finland
  • Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Örebro University, Sweden
  • Technical University of Denmark - DTU, Denmark

Associated Partner: ADRA - The AI, Data and Robotics Association 

More information:

For more information, contact

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Alexander Brunner
Partner manager: Startups
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Magnus Sahlgren
Head of Research, NLU
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