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TrustLLM will develop European large language models (LLMs) on an unprecedented scale, trained on the largest amount of text so far in European AI, covering a range of underrepresented languages, and pushing the limits of European exascale computing.

The main objective of TrustLLM is the development of an open, trustworthy, and sustainable LLM initially targeting the Germanic languages. This will create the foundation for an advanced open ecosystem for next generation modular and extensible European trustworthy, sustainable, and democratized large language models. The TrustLLM project and the surrounding ecosystem will enable, support, and improve context-aware human-machine interaction in a wide range of applications.

AI Sweden's role is to collect and process training data and to develop and train the foundation models. The project is coordinated by Linköping University.


To achieve this, TrustLLM will tackle the full range of challenges of LLM development, from ensuring sufficient quality and quantity of multilingual training data, to sustainable efficiency and effectiveness of model training, to enhancements and refinements for factual correctness, transparency, and trustworthiness, to a suite of holistic evaluation benchmarks validating the multi-dimensional objectives.


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Funding: EU

Project period: 1 November 2023 – 31 October 2026

Participants: AI Sweden, Linköping university, Fraunhofer, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Kobenhavn university, Alexandra institute, NTNU, TNO, University of Iceland, Miðeind

For more information, contact

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Magnus Sahlgren
Head of Research, NLU
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