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Digital Forensics Sweden

AI Sweden is collaborating with the Digital Forensics Sweden network in order to explore how AI can be used in digital forensics.


There is a fast-growing problem of threats to private and public security through technology-related crime. The new technological breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, and drones create new opportunities for both good and misuse. Up-and-coming technologies will bring challenges not yet thought of. 


A newly formed network, Digital Forensics Sweden, is seeking to address the challenges outlined above. They are looking at an array of actions across education, cooperation in technology development, research, and innovation and intend to create a national competence center in Östergötland to be the focal point of the developing field of digital forensics. AI Sweden is collaborating with Digital Forensics Sweden to explore in a pre-study phase how AI can be used in digital forensics. 

AI is eminently suited to many security tasks such as spotting suspicious computer behavior quickly and at scale. AI tools can extract patterns, and flag specific chains of events from large swathes of data. Moreover, multimodal AI (combining e.g. face, voice, and movement patterns) can provide much more accurate identification. 

By facilitating cooperation between need owners, researchers, service & product providers, and the societal judiciary, it will be possible to address common challenges and develop secure products and services. It will hasten new innovations by supporting the transition of research results from lab to reality. This will generate new technologies, standards, products, and methods within digital forensics.


AI Sweden is a partner of Digital Forensics Sweden and one of six organizations that make up the steering committee. There are around 40 participating organizations in the growing network. 

The network began in 2018 and AI Sweden joined in September 2022. 



Are you interested in getting involved in how AI can be used for digital forensics? Please contact Niclas Fock to learn more.

Niclas Fock
Niclas Fock
Senior Advisor
+46 (0)72-224 22 84