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AI Exchange Initiative | Singapore-Sweden

AI Sweden is launching the AI Exchange Initiative | Singapore-Sweden, a ten-month program in collaboration with SGInnovate and other partners, with the aim to cultivate top AI talent and foster international innovation.

The application period is now closed

A banner showing view from Stockholm and Singapore at night

The AI Exchange Initiative offers a transformative journey where participants work on real-world AI challenges in both Singapore and Sweden. Through immersive experiences at leading organizations, participants gain invaluable insights, expand their networks, and contribute to global innovation, providing a significant career boost and opening doors to attractive opportunities upon completion.


AI Sweden is seeking two organizations to host and finance talents for the program. These organizations will have the opportunity to collaborate with top AI talent, contribute to global innovation, and benefit from international partnerships.

Participating partner organizations can expand their global network through connections with talent and the Singaporean ecosystem. Through the program, you can leverage diverse perspectives, knowledge, and expertise to tackle complex challenges and explore new opportunities. 


Recent Master graduates passionate about AI are invited to join this ten-month rotational program. Participants will engage in hands-on learning and collaboration across diverse fields in Singapore as well as in Sweden.

 Benefits include:

  • Compensation
  • Housing
  • Integration support in both countries

Eligible candidates should have a background in AI, computer science, or related fields, and must be Swedish citizens or possess a permanent residence permit.

The application period is now closed.

Program overview

  • 10-month program spanning from September 2024 through June 2025
  • Spend five months in Singapore followed by five months in Sweden
  • Work at organizations focusing on AI and deep tech
  • Tap into the global networks of SGInnovate and AI Sweden
  • Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals committed to driving positive change through AI

For more information, contact

Sofia Hedén
Sofia Hedén
Head of Talent Programs
+46 (0)72-174 91 00