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AI Driven Mobility

The pilot project 'AI-driven mobility' acts as a dedicated component to accelerate the use of AI among various actors in the Swedish mobility ecosystem.

A picture with long exposure showing lights from cars driving at night in a city scape


By bringing together AI experts and evangelists with companies in the mobility sector and organizations that work with societal challenges and needs, the AI-driven mobility project has great potential to identify possible new products, services, and processes and streamline existing processes.

The general purpose of AI-driven mobility is: 

  • To identify and realize short-term opportunities and use cases for the development and application of AI; thereby accelerating the implementation of innovative solutions
  • To actively identify long-term opportunities to solve societal challenges, and to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish companies 
  • To strengthen the AI competence within the mobility sector, and the sharing of knowledge between partners, projects, and activities 
  • To follow and communicate international best practices and prominent examples, to establish contacts with leading international environments, and to attract relevant expertise to strengthen the Swedish ecosystem


Drive Sweden has investigated how AI can contribute to the vision that "Sweden takes a leading role in creating the mobility systems of the future for people and goods that are sustainable, safe, and accessible to all" and developed an AI strategy. In the strategy, several areas that can be developed into new research and innovation projects are identified.

AI-driven mobility aims to transform these areas into concrete projects and solutions. The AI ​​strategy also highlights a general need to increase the knowledge about AI within the mobility sector and emphasizes the importance of looking at the systems perspective in the area - two perspectives that will also be addressed in the project. Read more about the AI ​​strategy 'AI as an enabler for safe and sustainable mobility' here. 

Project governance

AI-driven mobility will be developed in close collaboration between key players from all parts of society and will be led jointly by Drive Sweden and AI Sweden.

Drive Sweden's and AI Sweden's goals and activities share several overlapping aspects, and by working together we create synergy effects for everyone involved, not least for partners and financiers. CLOSER - the Swedish collaboration platform for knowledge and innovation for increased efficiency for freight transport - will also participate in the project, to create additional synergy effects in the logistics sector.