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Language models for Swedish authorities

The project will build a Swedish BERT model for the Swedish public sector and apply these in a number of applications that are relevant to Swedish authorities.

The project provides the tools and prerequisites for Swedish authorities to build and integrate state-of-the-art NLP (Natural Language Processing) solutions in their current and future services. The development of the Swedish language models is specifically designed for use in the public sector, and techniques for utilizing them, and will enable novel types of NLP applications that have the potential to revolutionize the use of NLP in the Swedish public sector.

The data, infrastructure and frameworks developed in the project will also enable the development of novel types of representation learning, and will thus ensure that Swedish NLP remains on the forefront of development.

AI Innovation of Sweden will be responsible for coordination and validation of the data used in the project and for outreach and coordination of result.

Project partners: RISE, Peltarion, Swedish Public Employement Service, Luleå University of Technology, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and AI Innovation of Sweden. RISE will be responsible for project management. The project is funded by Vinnova

Project period: 20191101-20221031


  • Isabelle Johansson

    Project Manager

    isabelle [dot] johansson [at] ai [dot] se +46 (0)70 886 58 64