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Interdisciplinary expert pool for NLU

This project aims to establish and test a new form of cross-disciplinary collaboration for accelerating applied AI in the context of AI-driven language technology: The Interdisciplinary Expert Pool for Natural Language Understanding (NLU).


The development of large language models prompts more challenges than purely technological ones. Questions of data, representation, fairness, equality, and ethics are implicit and relevant to all projects in AI Sweden’s language technology portfolio and within the NLU/NLP ecosystem more broadly. 

This project addresses the lack of a suitable response. So far, resources to tackle these issues in depth have not been readily available within the scope of technological projects. Secondly, the project is a reaction to international (mainly US-centered) debates about the risks and limitations of language models.

Project and expected outcomes

The project aims to leverage the existing knowledge of researchers from the humanities and social sciences as well as civil society actors when needed to solve concrete questions and challenges that arise in the development of foundation models.

AI Sweden will invite subject matter experts to be involved in the development pipeline of foundation models, considering questions regarding the training data and, consequently, the safe deployment as well as the social, cultural, and economic implications of foundation models such as GPT-SW3.

The project’s key innovation is to systematically and at scale involve subject matter experts in the development pipeline of foundation models, leverage existing domain knowledge, and together work on applied challenges and “big” questions based on concrete use cases and needs. The expert pool will provide a platform for knowledge exchange and readily available resources to quickly and effectively tackle data, representativeness, equality, and ethics issues.

The members of the Interdisciplinary Expert Pool for NLU

Researchers and individual members

Area of interest/discipline
Kristy Beers Fägersten
Professor of English Linguistics
Södertörn University
Linguistics, swearing, offensive language
Mats Fridlund
Deputy Director
Gothenburg Research Infrastructure in Digital Humanities (GRIDH), University of Gothenburg
Digital history, science and technology studies, digital humanities
Erik Winerö
University of Gothenburg
Primarily AI's effect on assessment practices in education
Ylva Söderfeldt
Associate professor
Uppsala university
Anna Metreveli
PhD Student
Stockholm University
AI ethics
Michał Dzieliński
Assistant professor
Stockholm University
Jacob Strandell
Consultant, PhD
Ungdomsbarometern AB
Cognitive Sociology
Mathilda Åkerlund
Postdoctoral Researcher (Dr.)
Umeå University
Digital sociology; Internet Research; Politics; Far right
Eric Orlowski
Doctoral Candidate/Doktorand
University College London/Uppsala University
Social & Cultural Anthropology
Jonas Svensson
Linnaeus university
Study of Religions, Islamic Studies
Jenny Björklund
Uppsala University
Gender Studies
Karl Berglund
BUL/Assistant Professor
Department of Literature, Uppsala University
Computational text analysis, especially narrative analysis
Jonas Andersson Schwarz
Associate Professor
Södertörn University
Media & communications studies
Dimitri Coelho Mollo
Assistant Professor
Umeå University
Philosophy of AI and Cognitive Science
Annika Raapke
Uppsala University
Mariana S. Gustafsson
Associate professor
Linköping University
Political science and AI: politics, governance, equality, democracy
Daniel Brodén
University of Gothenburg
Digital humanities
Michael McGuire
Research Engineer
University of Gothenburg
Computational Linguistics/Digital Humanities
Maria Toledo
Independent research
Cultural Heritage, Digital Repositories, Museology, Digital Humanities
Dag Blanck
Uppsala University
History/American Studies
Peter Berck
Research Engineer
Lund University
Natural Language Processing
Katja Sarajeva
Programme Manager Transparency & Accountability
Stockholm University, SPIDER
Digitalisation and inclusion, ethics, diversity and technology
Theo Röhle
Associate Professor
University of Gothenburg
Media and Communication Studies
Jan von Bonsdorff
Uppsala University
Art history
Gustav Juntti
Freelance journalist
Freelance journalist
AI policy
Mårten Hoffman
Chief Development Officer
Grant Thornton
Information Technology Governance, Digital Workspace development, Use of technology for improved service delivery, efficiency and work environment

Civil society organization representatives

Field of expertise
Terese Raymond
National coordinator of a network
Digital inclusion, participatory research
Måns Jonasson
Internet expert
Internet use, human online experience
Maria Jacobson
Communication officer
Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Väst (Anti-Discrimimination Agency West Sweden)
Language, human rights, discrimination, bias, norm critique
Jannike Tillå
VP Communications and Public Benefit
Communications, digital source criticism
Coppélie Cocq
Humlab, Umeå University
Digital media ethics, minority studies, ethnology
Elias Ibrahim
DEI consultant
Make Equal
Discrimination law
Cia Bohlin
Head of Digital Competence & Insights
Digital Competence
Beatrice Nordling
Expert in economics
Sveriges Kvinnoorganisationer
Astrid Carsbring
Project manager
Sveriges Kvinnoorganisationer
Men's violence against women
Richard Brattlund
Web Project Manager
Web development, IT infrastructure, project management

Descriptions of organizations and biographies of the members of the Interdisciplinary Expert Pool can be downloaded below.


Project period: November 2022 - 15:th of April 2024

Project partners: See a list of members of the Expert Pool above.

The project is funded by Vinnova and coordinated by AI Sweden.


Training Material for the Interdisciplinary Expert Pool for NLU

This training material provides introductory resources for anyone who would like to gain knowledge of Large Language Models, with special attention to the ethical aspects of this technology. The material is aimed at both a technical and a non-technical audience. It consists of both essential and more advanced resources in the form of readings, podcasts, open courses, videos, and book.

The material is available on our online community MyAI. Create a free account to gain access to the material.

Alternatively, the material is available as a presentation in the link below 'To the presentation'.

This list has been compiled for the Interdisciplinary Expert Pool for NLU project.

Download the presentation:


A picture of Danila Petrelli
Danila Petrelli
Senior Data Manager
+46 (0)70-076 37 96
Picture of Francisca Hoyer
Francisca Hoyer
Head of Responsible AI and Operations NLU, PhD (Parental leave)
+46 (0)70-787 23 01