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Stay up to speed with the latest news and updates on what happens within AI Sweden and in our projects.

Launch of co-created AI reskilling program


The lack of AI competence is one of the biggest hurdles for working with AI. AI Sweden already has a handful of different talent programs, built by and for partners. And more can be done, by AI Sweden...

Insights from AI Ethics Lab


The case study discussions during AI Sweden Ethics Lab's third meeting resulted in three strategic insights that will guide future efforts in supporting the implementation of ethical AI.

Come join us, we're hiring


AI Sweden is on a mission, and we'd like you to join us. Help us accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden.

26 startups join the Swedish AI Startup Landscape


After a thorough application process, 26 new Swedish startups have now joined the Swedish AI Startup Landscape.

We are looking for more partner organizations to host the next group of AI talent - do you want to be one of them?


Then the Eye for AI program might be something for you!

AI Sweden in collaboration with WASP Research Arena – Media and Language


AI Sweden is joining the WASP Research Arena – Media and Language to accelerate the development of large-scale language models for Swedish. These models make it possible to work in an automated way...

Update from AI Sweden's Legal Expert Group


Curious to learn more about what AI Sweden’s Legal Expert Group has been up to, and what they are planning on next? We talked to Josefine Rembsgård and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, who are running the...

Is your organization live on My AI?


What knowledge do you want to share with the AI community? In November last year AI Sweden launched the beta version of the new and exciting platform My AI.

What's the latest with the GPT-SWE?


In September 2020, AI Sweden arranged a webinar about GPT-3, addressing questions about what the language model is and how it can be used. One of the questions was if and when we could expect...



This week, AI Sweden shares an of the work with the GPT-SWE, the largest Swedish language model to date. Based on the same technical principles as the much-discussed GPT-3, GPT-SWE will help Swedish...

New case study: AI and Children


What does AI for children look like in practice? A new case study aims to better understand how AI-powered technologies can protect, provide for and empower children.

Key recruitments to AI Sweden’s NLU team


AI Sweden welcomes Magnus Sahlgren and Francisca Hoyer to the strategic initiative on Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Eye for AI - Now welcoming applications from organizations looking for AI talents


Is your organization looking for top AI Talents? Then this is for you!

Working with proxy data in Data Factory


Proxy data enables organizations to collaborate. AI Sweden’s Data Factory provides the infrastructure to make it happen.

What do breeding seabirds have in common with autonomous driving?

More than you think. Inside AI Sweden’s Data Factory, Zenseact has used a dataset from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to speed up important R&D work by 6-12 months.

Opportunity to infuse your organization with young AI talent


AI Sweden’s Young Talent Program is off to a flying start. Eight talented young individuals with a passion for AI are already making a positive difference in the Swedish AI ecosystem. AI Sweden...

Workshop invitation: help us co-create a machine learning talent program to nourish AI skills growth


Are you finding that the challenge of attracting AI talent is slowing your development plans? AI Sweden and Academic Work are joining forces on an initiative to train 100 professionals in AI in the...

A close-up picture of Peter Kurzwelly standing outdoor

Want to know what is going on in the Canadian AI ecosystem?


The Canadian AI ecosystem is one of the most advanced in the world. Since early October, AI Sweden’s Peter Kurzwelly is stationed on site in Montreal, to identify and share key knowledge and concrete...

Swedish national summit on AI and democracy in Gothenburg, 20-21 October


The Future of Democracy Summit is a new, national initiative in Sweden that focuses on the question of how digitalisation and AI can be used in a democratically sustainable way.

IMY and AI Sweden collaborate on AI and data protection


The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) and AI Sweden have initiated a collaboration to provide support and guidance on issues relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and data protection.

Combitech becomes new partner of AI Sweden


The Nordic solutions and consulting partner Combitech joins AI Sweden’s network of more than 100 business, public sector and research organizations

AI Sweden and partners launch new handbook on how we can transition to information-driven and individualized care


The new handbook “A handbook for information-driven healthcare - Insights from the inside” aims to guide healthcare organizations in how they can harness AI and data-driven working methods to ensure...

AI upskilling at Volvo Group


That there is a global lack of AI talent is well known by now. Finding a good strategy to add AI knowledge to employees' existing skills is crucial to address that challenge.

Academic Work joins AI Sweden’s partner network


Academic Work, a specialist recruitment company has joined AI Sweden’s network of 100+ partners in industry, the public sector and academia.