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Opportunity to infuse your organization with young AI talent

Monday, November 8, 2021

AI Sweden’s Young Talent Program is off to a flying start. Eight talented young individuals with a passion for AI are already making a positive difference in the Swedish AI ecosystem. AI Sweden partners are now welcome to register their interest to host program participants on a work experience placement during the second half of the program, from January to May 2022.

As part of its mission to accelerate the use of AI in Sweden, AI Sweden, together with its partners, is developing and implementing a number of talent programs to address the current AI talent shortage.

In this context, AI Sweden has started a Young Talent Program and is piloting the initiative with eight high school graduates from the AI technology (Teknikspets) program at the ABB Gymnasiet in Västerås.

The overall aim is to explore new and creative ways of generating, developing and keeping talent in the Swedish AI ecosystem. More specifically, partners who participate in the program will get access to dedicated AI talents with hands-on experience and expertise from AI training and projects including:

  • NLP (e.g. GPT-2; short story generation; collecting & structuring text data with labels; generating prompts...).

  • Image recognition (e.g. training imaging models to recognize the ball in football images and training robots to detect and follow road lines and avoid people).

  • Sensor-based temperature and humidity-prediction.

  • Deep learning.

  • Space proof-of-concepts.

  • Creating tutorials for federated learning.

  • Edge Lab infrastructure.

At the same time, the young talents gain valuable networking opportunities, additional AI-related work experience and the chance to develop their skills and know-how within the the AI ecosystem.

The first batch of eight program participants who graduated this spring from their three-year, high school education at ABB Gymnasiet, have been enrolled on the Young Talent Program since September. They are employed part-time (50%) at AI Sweden and are currently combining study visits with participation in AI Sweden and partner projects.

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Niclas Fock, Head of Talent Programs at AI Sweden, is already impressed by the contribution the participants are making. “The young talents are fantastic. They came to us with a solid and wide-ranging knowledge of AI tools and methods from their high school education and they are really making the most of their time with us. With their curiosity, positivity and passion, they are adding energy, ideas and real value in projects as diverse as space satellite data annotation, natural language processing (NLP) and autonomous driving.” 


Young talent opportunity for AI Sweden partners

AI Sweden is now inviting its partners to benefit from this new opportunity to access AI expertise by registering their interest to host Young Talent Program participants on a work experience placement during the second half of the program (January-May 2022). 

Here are the basic outline details regarding the work placements:

  • In total, there are eight young talents to be hosted part-time (50% FTE) by selected AI Sweden partners between January and May 2022.

  • The young talent salaries (up to 50% FTE) are covered by AI Sweden.

  • If the young talents agree to work more than 50% FTE during the Young Talent program, the difference will be paid by the partner organization.

  • Partners are expected to provide an appropriate level of supervision.

  • At the end of the program (May 2022), the young talents are available for recruitment. 


What happens next?

Click the button below to register your interest to host an AI Sweden Young Talent Program work placement (January-May 2022) 

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We will invite selected partners to pitch a work placement offer to the Young Talent Program participants so they can decide which placements they want to go on. An interview-based process to match participants and partner placements will take place between November and December 2021.

After an evaluation of the pilot program, the aim is to onboard a new batch of young talents September 2022 and to continue to scale up the Young Talent Program.


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