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Stay up to speed with the latest news and updates on what happens within AI Sweden and in our projects.

Daniel Gillblad will help bridge the gap between AI application and research


AI Sweden’s mission is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness and for everyone living in Sweden. Bridging the gap between research and application of AI is an...

Attracting international talent


There is a global shortage of skills in artificial intelligence (AI). Several countries, world wide, are now competing to attract the best AI talent. To strengthen Sweden's attractiveness in the area...

Addressing the AI talent shortage


Lack of AI talent is becoming an increasingly worrying bottleneck in organizations around the world. In a recent global survey from Morning Consult, 43 percent of 5,500 businesses said that their...

Mastering the AI Edge


We invite all partners to explore the possibility of locating master thesis projects at AI Sweden’s Edge Lab during the spring semester 2022.

Invite Junior AI Change Agents from Hyper Island to your organization


AI Sweden has initiated a collaboration with Hyper Island where 10 students will join as Junior Change Agents. Partners are now welcome to express interest for hosting students during their internship...

New program for young talents


Together with ABB-gymnasiet, AI Sweden is piloting a young talent program with students who recently graduated from high school.

Piloting AI Maturity Assessment Tool


Do you wonder how your organization can start working with AI, or take the work you are doing to the next level? A first step is to assess your current situation, so you can benchmark improvements and...

Silo AI joins AI Sweden as a new partner


Silo AI, one of the largest private AI labs in the Nordics, has joined AI Sweden’s network of 100+ partners in industry, the public sector and academia. Founded in Finland in 2017, Silo AI has been...

Welcoming NetApp as a new partner!


AI Sweden was recently joined by the hybrid cloud data services and data management company NetApp. NetApp plans to collaborate with AI Sweden’s partners in the Data Factory and make an important...

Insights from the AI Ethics Lab


The AI Sweden Ethics Lab convened for the first time at the end of May 2021. The case study discussions resulted in five strategic insights that will guide future efforts in supporting the...

European collaboration on AI

With 114 meetings between 21 corporates and 78 AI startups from France, Germany and Sweden, the European AI Startup Matchday on the 15th of June highlighted the importance of coming together to...

23 new startups join the Swedish AI Startup Landscape


The latest version of the initiative is led by AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden and now features 166 AI startups.

UNICEF collaboration and pilot studies on AI and children


As one of 15 selected pilots globally, three Swedish municipalities, supported by AI Sweden and Lund University, are collaborating to stress test and provide input for the next iteration of a global...

How can synthetic data enhance AI in healthcare?


Lack of data and restrictions on how to share it between regions are two of the main challenges when developing AI models in healthcare. AI Sweden, together with project partners Region Västerbotten...

Partner collaboration on the EU proposal for AI legislation


On the 4th of June, AI Sweden and partners held the first meeting to start collaborating on the proposal for a regulation on artificial intelligence that was presented by the European Commission on...

A printed handbook for information-driven and AI-ready healthcare!


Calling challenge owners in need of AI expertise!


AI Sweden is setting up a matchmaking initiative to help apply AI to real-world problems - the AI Challenge Platform!

NLP helps Arbetsförmedlingen understand the labor market


Can AI and natural language processing help more job seekers find a new job? If you ask Felix Stollenwerk that question, the answer is "yes". As data scientist at Arbetsförmedlingen, The Swedish...

This is Language Models for Swedish Authorities


To people working with language models, there is a before and after 2018. Language models presented after 2018 are now being described as transformative rather than a mere linear evolution. "With...

AI Sweden launches AI Ethics Lab


AI Sweden is launching the Swedish AI Ethics Lab with the aim of helping to move AI ethics in Sweden from abstract guidelines to practical application.

Machine learning solution generated in AI Sweden and AstraZeneca challenge highlighted by Nature


With clever use of AI, drug development can be accelerated. This is illustrated by the winning entry to the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge, hosted by AI Sweden and biopharmaceutical company...

This is AI Transformation


Over the last few years, we have seen numerous examples of how AI can do amazing things. Diagnosing cancer. Driving cars. Even defeating grandmaster Go-players. There has also been a huge number of...

New partner Boliden on why they need to accelerate their use of AI


Boliden, who opened its first mine back in 1924, has recently joined AI Sweden as a partner. For Boliden, AI is, among other things, a tool to help reduce the human footprint on the climate.

Solving great challenges with decentralized AI


AI Sweden recently set up a new long-term strategic program on Decentralized AI. The program comprises a number of projects, use cases, and testbed facilities. The goal of the strategic program is to...