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Calling challenge owners in need of AI expertise!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

AI Sweden is setting up a matchmaking initiative to help apply AI to real-world problems - the AI Challenge Platform!

The aim of the platform is to match Swedish AI solvers, such as research groups, startups, solution owners, and consultants, with challenge owners such as industry actors, municipalities, authorities, etc. Connecting AI challenges with AI solvers has great potential for creating value and solving real-world problems.

As a first step, we are now looking for challenge owners who have identified an AI challenge that they can’t solve on their own. Follow this link to give us some more details and we will get back to you.

A description of the project, including scope and the data available, will then be posted on AI Sweden’s AI Challenge Platform to attract AI Solvers to help with the problem! A draft of what this platform will look like, and example challenges, can be viewed here. This is where your challenge would be published and promoted to AI solvers.


Reach out to Erik Wilson for any questions, at