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New network for governmental agency partners

Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Governmental Agency Network convened for the first time in the middle of February. It was formed with the intention to discuss common challenges and opportunities that are specifically relevant to the public sector and governmental agencies in Sweden.

The potential for using AI in the public sector is great, and there are already examples of successful implementations, regarding for example text analysis, image analysis, chatbots and decision support systems. In order to accelerate the use of AI in all of Sweden, however, we need to unleash the full potential, by sharing and learning from each other. The network is a step towards this, with the emphasis on AI in practice, and finding actionable solutions in collaboration.

“Our first meeting really underlined the importance of a forum for how to approach issues around technical solutions as well as legal obstacles and competence building. Using AI in the public sector has great potential, and sitting down together to find concrete solutions and ways forward so that we don’t reinvent the wheel on our own is a fantastic step!”   Viktoria Josefsson, Strategist at Skatteverket

Do you want to learn more or get involved?

Reach out to Helena Theander.

Eco-system and Node Manager Gothenburg

Helena Theander

+46 (0)709- 28 40 74