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Partner collaboration on the EU proposal for AI legislation

Friday, June 4, 2021

On the 4th of June, AI Sweden and partners held the first meeting to start collaborating on the proposal for a regulation on artificial intelligence that was presented by the European Commission on the 21st of April.

On the 21st of April, the European Commission presented its proposal for a regulation on artificial intelligence. The result of the legislative process that now follows will likely have a great impact on how we together can accelerate AI in Sweden and Europe.

Therefore, AI Sweden invited partners to a first meeting on the 4th of June to discuss the process for how partners best can collaborate on the proposal.

Next steps

The following tracks were decided on for partners to engage in. Each track will be coordinated by a partner organization and all partners are now welcome to participate and/or take lead on one or several tracks.

1. Legal analysis

What does the proposal for regulation mean in legal terms?

Partners with an interest in this track can:

  • Learn from each other and share interpretations of the proposal
  • Collaborate in the analysis of the proposal
  • Develop a summary of relevant legal interpretations of the proposal and summarize this in a report.

2. Mapping practical consequences 

In its current form, what practical consequences will the proposal have for operations in organizations as well as for customers and citizens?

Partners with an interest in this track will together develop a list of examples of how the proposal would affect operations as well as citizens and customers. Positive or negative.

3. Input to the policy process

How can partners cooperate in providing input to the legislative process and the policy being developed?

Partners interested in this track can explore what common activities are desired and work to make sure that decision-makers have all the relevant knowledge and expertise at hand.

Partners are of course encouraged to participate in all the tracks, and may choose to involve different persons for each track. The next steps include identifying which partners will take a lead on each track, and the work will continue in the individual tracks before all participating partners will reconvene to share progress and results in mid/late September.

Please reach out to Mikael Ljungblom at for any questions or to express interest in participating, preferably before the 11th of June.