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Highlights from AI Sweden Partner Week

Friday, December 11, 2020

Recently, this year’s edition of AI Sweden Partner Week took place online, and we were thrilled to see so many of you joining us for a fantastic three days of seminars and discussions! One of the biggest takeaways was that, apart from the key components of data and technology, business, management and policymakers are absolutely crucial for a successful AI journey. Keep reading for a brief summary of what was discussed, or head to our YouTube channel and dive straight into the recorded stream if you want to check out a specific session.



The Data Day

Our first day together focused on data. Data has been hailed as the new oil, invaluable for its wealth of opportunities. But stepping away from the buzz - what is the real value of data, and why is it a crucial component for building our future? How do we make the most of it, and solve tangible challenges around access and sharing? 

Mats Nordlund at Zenseact kicked us off with a presentation on why data is crucial and what new solutions are needed to transfer and store data on the edge. Following on from this, Alan Sabirsh from AstraZeneca shared an update on the Adipocyte Cell Imaging Challenge and highlighted that AI solutions are only as good as the data they use. Read more about the challenge here. Daniel Zakrisson, Scaleout, discussed what he called the “data access challenge”, that the most valuable data is also isolated and we therefore need new solutions for accessing and transferring it. 

“The most valuable companies today are based on data. It could be seen as the new oil -  but it is different in many ways. Data can be used many times and it becomes more valuable. You can also replicate data. There are downsides too. If you lose a batch of data it might be the end of the entire business. We like to put the data access challenge in relation to this.” Daniel Zakrisson, Scaleout

Finally, Sergio Martin-del-Campo, Viking Analytics, held a presentation on the value of data before Alexandra Kukresh, Docusign, concluded with how to turn data into a trusted asset and increase its traceability. 

Click here to watch the recorded sessions from the Data Day!

The Tech Day

During the second day of Partner Week, we shifted the conversation to Edge AI and federated learning. As edge devices are becoming increasingly powerful, the idea of applying AI at the data collection site is gaining a lot of traction. With Edge AI as the solution to key problems such as privacy, security, and latency, it is only expected that the future of AI will be a hybrid Cloud-Edge solution.

Our first presentation of the day was by Hans Salomonsson at EmbeDL who, among other things, discussed the benefits of using Edge AI over Cloud AI, and efficient deep learning in embedded systems. Pier Luigi Dovesi at Univrses then continued by showcasing how using Edge AI and computer vision can transform traffic flows and how we move through cities. Another use case for edge processing of data was presented by Sofie Tressing at Zenseact who explained how it is used for autonomous vehicle fleets. 

Click here to watch the recorded sessions from the Tech Day!

The Business Day

The final day of Partner Week was all about AI transformation for business and management. Implementing AI solutions and understanding what strategies and transformations will be key may prove challenging no matter if you are at the beginning of your AI and digital journey or at the very forefront. Why is a strategic business approach crucial, and how do we overcome the challenges to benefit from the opportunities that come with a more holistic approach? 

AI strategies are probably not important - but having AI as a core to your business is crucial. It will be the driving force for every business in the future. Kye Andersson, AI Sweden

Kye Andersson and Daniel Gillblad, both AI Sweden, opened with a conversation on the need for AI strategies and the importance of engaging business, management and policymakers in the AI journey. This message was echoed by Sebastien Verchere, Volvo Group, who emphasized that Volvo Group does not have a specific strategy for AI, but that AI is listed in every element of the Volvo Group strategy. Moreover, he stated that the technical maturity of AI is on a good level, instead underlining the need to now focus on human beings and change management in order to proceed with implementing AI solutions. This message was reinforced further by Martin Svensson, AI Sweden, who finished off not only the Business Day but Partner Week as a full, by highlighting how AI Sweden supports the acceleration of AI.

Click here to watch the recorded sessions from the Business Day!