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AI Sweden and partners launch new handbook on how we can transition to information-driven and individualized care

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The new handbook “A handbook for information-driven healthcare - Insights from the inside” aims to guide healthcare organizations in how they can harness AI and data-driven working methods to ensure healthcare resources are used more efficiently and, ultimately, to improve people’s health.

The handbook (currently only available in Swedish) is the result of a collaboration between AI Sweden and a large number of partners around Sweden, including Vinnova, Region Halland, Halmstad University, SKR Sweden's Municipalities and Regions and Karolinska University Hospital. It is co-authored by 13 senior experts from various fields. Among the authors is Markus Lingman, chief physician, strategist and member of the hospital management team at Region Halland and Halland Hospital. Markus was named AI Swede of the Year 2020.

The handbook describes proven data-driven solutions relating to areas such as regulations, personal integrity, leadership, etc. that work in clinical practice and which can create value for the patient. The handbook is based on the experiences of healthcare leaders who have already gone through an AI implementation process and, thanks to their shared learnings and insights, others will not have to make the same mistakes or reinvent the wheel!

To provide the care that people expect and should receive, we need to use data in new ways. We need to strive for individualized precision healthcare and to prevent diseases before they escalate. This transformation reduces both suffering and resource needs. But it requires leadership, decisiveness, coordination and the ability to predict risks. This is where AI comes into the picture. A handbook for information-driven healthcare describes in a concrete way how healthcare can be developed by harnessing the power of AI. The handbook should be mandatory reading for healthcare staff and decision makers,” says Markus Lingman, Chief Physician, Strategist and member of the management team at Region Halland and Halland Hospital.

Johanna Bergman, Head of Project Portfolio at AI Sweden says, “AI Sweden's mission is to accelerate the use of AI with the aim of strengthening Swedish society, competitiveness and increasing the quality of life for all people who live here. Transforming the Swedish healthcare system so that it offers more information-driven, personalized and scalable care with the support of AI is therefore a highly important strategic initiative. The outcome is that healthcare resources are made more efficient and the working environment for healthcare staff is improved. In the long run, this improves people’s health. The handbook is an important tool for getting there!

Click here to access an e-learning version of the handbook and here to access a PDF version (both in Swedish).

The hard copy of the book (currently only available in Swedish) is available free of charge from one of our offices by contacting Henrik Ahlén på  

Read the press release (in Swedish).

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