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Information-driven healthcare

Information-driven healthcare is an innovation milieu that supports Swedish healthcare in using AI in order to offer more information-driven, personalized and scalable healthcare. It takes place in a close partnership between public, private and academic healthcare parties.

A handbook for information-driven care

Are you wondering how to best use AI, overcome legal challenges and become data-driven? AI Sweden and partners are releasing a handbook for this!

En handbok för informationsdriven vård


Artificial intelligence has the potential to play a key role in the transformation of the healthcare systems and to enable patients to be more actively involved in their healthcare processes. 

The main goals for Information-driven healthcare are:

  • To identify barriers and enablers for integration and national implementation of AI in healthcare
  • To investigate how privacy-preserving AI and data-driven insights can support current healthcare practices 
  • To evaluate ethical and legal implications and pathways to the successful implementation of AI in healthcare

The core project team consists of AI Sweden, Region Halland, Halmstad University and Karolinska University Hospital. The project runs from 2019 to 2024.

”Collaboration when data cannot be shared”

Learnings from Region Halland. Markus Lingman, Chief Strategy Officer, Senior Consultant Cardiologist at Region Halland Hospital Group.

Watch video (9:33)

How can partners engage in Information-driven healthcare?

  1. Order the handbook for information-driven healthcare to learn how to work with data-driven healthcare in your organization 
  2. Participate in and take part of the learnings and results from our ongoing projects, for example  regarding synthetic data and federated learning
  3. Join existing Testbed initiatives such as Edge Lab
  4. Use the innovation milieu as a platform for scaling results from regional projects to a national level as well as a forum to discuss common challenges and ideas. Reach out to us to see how we can support you. 
  5. Join the Region Reference Group, where you can follow the results from our projects and share experiences from your own projects in order to exchange valuable insights.

Please reach out and we will be happy to talk more about how to collaborate!

Learn more about how to become a partner

A part of the Swedish National Vision-driven Healthcare Program

Vinnova is supporting long-term and visionary innovation milieus that engage stakeholders in all parts of society in order to make a difference for the health of the population.

Information-driven healthcare is funded for five years by Vinnova, Sweden’s national innovation agency, and the partners in the Vision-Driven Healthcare program in Sweden. This milieu is one of five innovation milieus for health that Vinnova has given priority. A large number of new projects and pre-studies are launching as part of the innovation milieu.


AI Change Agent Healthcare

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