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Piloting AI Maturity Assessment Tool

Friday, September 3, 2021

Do you wonder how your organization can start working with AI, or take the work you are doing to the next level? A first step is to assess your current situation, so you can benchmark improvements and identify what areas to focus on. AI Sweden’s AI Maturity Assessment Tool will support that process!

Have you started to explore AI and wonder how to scale up the work in several parts of the organization? AI Sweden offers an assessment tool for AI maturity that helps organizations understand which strategically important areas needs to be strengthened in order to successfully implement AI in operations.

The tool will be available online later this fall for all organizations who want to do an AI maturity assessment. We will offer AI Sweden partners support prior to the survey as well as a follow-up workshop where we together look at how to use AI strategically.

Already now you can get to know it better and prepare your organization for an assessment. If you are interested in becoming a pilot - please let us know.

Read more about the tool here and find out if it is right for your organization

AI Maturity Assessment Tool

Contact Petra Dalunde at for more information.